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5 Email Marketing Trends To Help Your Business In 2022

Technology has changed the way that marketing is done, and the pandemic has just cemented it as physical marketing is cast aside as unavailable. As such, businesses are forced to adapt to the change and shift their marketing online.

There are options to consider when marketing online nowadays, with choices from various popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even so, email remains a strong contender for businesses to market themselves to their audience.

To convince you to use email in your marketing, here are 5 Email Marketing Trends To Help Your Business In 2022.

User Generated Content

User-generated content is a big trend that appeared in the previous year, 2021, and is predicted to reach its full potential this year. User-generated content refers to content created by the end-users of products or services such as reviews, ratings, or photos of users with the product.

User-generated content in email marketing campaigns can be effective as there would be a higher chance of conversion when potential users can see the positive feedback left by others. Content can also be easily obtained by persuading users to generate it through incentives provided by the business.

Email personalisation

Receiving emails can be annoying when the content is not to your taste, most would either ignore it entirely or even delete it on sight. As such, personalizing emails according to the users’ taste will increase the effectiveness of email marketing by captivating them with their interests.

Personalization can convey feelings of care about the users when received due to the information used. Gathered data applied to email marketing for personalization also reduces the chance that users delete the email before considering your product.

Artificial intelligence

With the amount of information online nowadays, there is no way that a single person or even a team of people can keep track of everything that is happening. The use of artificial intelligence can change this as it is able to obtain that large amount of data with minimal effort.

This would make email personalization easier as more data about customers can be obtained more easily. As such, artificial intelligence can not only increase marketing efficiency but also reduce the costs of manpower needed to gather information for use.

Interactive Emails

A trend that has existed for a period of time but will be growing stronger in 2022 is the use of interactive emails. With more competition in marketing each and every year, businesses are putting increasing efforts in order to ensure that their email marketing remains engaging to users.

Interactive emails help keep users engaged and increase email interaction significantly through various ways, each effective based on the target audience. These can include animated GIFs, surveys, user-generated content, and game elements among many others.

Mobile optimization

In the current day and age, the one device that everyone has on them always is the smartphone. We live our lives alongside our mobile phones and to not optimize marketing towards them would be foolish.

Any email marketing done should ensure that the email is able to load and can be opened correctly on mobile devices. If the user is unable to read your email, any offer or promotion enclosed within would remain unseen, wasting the effort put into the email with the added consequence of reducing conversion.

Email marketing can be a profitable avenue for businesses as the world realized the power that digital marketing holds after the lockdowns due to the pandemic locking away physical campaigns. In 2022, the pandemic has become an accepted part of life and as such, an emphasis on online marketing could take your business to the next level.


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