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5 Mobile Marketing Tool Trends For 2022

Mobile devices have become a mainstay in the lives of people now. As with any other advancement in society, businesses need to adapt to stay relevant. Here are 5 Mobile Marketing Tool Trends For 2022.

Mobile Games Ads (Pop Up Ads)

Mobile gaming has grown significantly in recent years, putting it on par with console and PC gaming as a platform. As a result, mobile game advertising has also become a viable avenue for advertising.

In a world where many mobile games are free to download, having in-game advertising can generate much traffic for your business. This is as many games integrate advertisements directly into the game, with them giving rewards to players that watch the ads.

There are alternatives to how your ad can be presented to players, one would be to allow your ads to pop up on the screen during the game via a banner on the bottom of the screen. As mobile gaming is no longer gender-restricted by society, you can target a wide audience through mobile marketing ads nowadays.

Voice Search Optimization

Long gone are the days when people had to type out their searches manually. Most mobile devices now support voice search options and due to their convenience, it is widely used.

Voice search optimization allows you to enhance the information located on your pages to be more easily found on voice search results. With the AI assistants of many mobile phones being humanized, people have come to talk to them as if in conversation.

Speaking in conversation uses different words than typing into a search engine. This changes the keywords that would be used in search engine optimization, thus requiring businesses to adapt to voice search.

Augmented Reality

New technologies entering the market are always an opportunity for businesses to promote themselves. Such is the case for augmented reality.

Using augmented reality for marketing has been gaining traction lately, as it allows businesses to give their customers a unique experience concerning their brand. With augmented reality, businesses can bring a new visual element into their marketing.

An example is furniture stores allowing for customers to view furniture in their house before purchase. This fun and unique experience coupled with the convenience of only needing a phone has made augmented reality marketing popular with consumers nowadays.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, with its popularity tied intrinsically to mobile phones, is on the rise in recent years. It is convenient as it allows customers to complete their transactions anywhere if they have access to their mobile phones.

Mobile applications designed for mobile commerce typically offer a better shopping experience for the user as it is streamlined to look and function better through the mobile phone, unlike typical online shopping sites. This would help with customer retention for businesses using mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce platforms also allow businesses that use them to collect data about their customers easily. This would help businesses conduct a more in-depth and useful analysis of their business strategy with greater ease.

Digital Payment (TNG, etc)

Customers prioritize convenience over most other values of a business. With the rise of many different e-wallets, customers have the option to pay using a variety of ways.

This would cause the demand for the acceptance of these payment options to be implemented into many businesses. By not accepting the use of certain payment options, potential customers can be lost as they seek out competitors.

These digital payment options can be used to your advantage. By collaborating with them and giving discounts or other similar deals on these e-wallets, they can be used as advertising for your business.


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