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5 Pieces Of Business Advice From Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella, current executive chairman and CEO of Microsoft is a man that has made it. As the man that is calling the shots for Microsoft now, it is fair to say that he knows a thing or two about business. Here are 5 Pieces Of Business Advice From Satya Nadella.

Listen More And Talk Less

A piece of advice shared by Satya Nadella in an interview is to listen more, talk less, and be decisive when the time comes. This refers primarily in leadership, and this piece of advice is best used to guide managers in leading their team.

Leadership is simply just another part of business, one that is keenly important if one is a business owner as, without it, your business will fall apart. Satya Nadella encourages people to constantly gather information around them and admit when they do not know something.

This will allow you to learn from those around you, as no one person can know everything. Use the information that you have learned to make decisive decisions that will help your business.

Focus On Building Up People

A quote from Satya Nadella, “The technologies will all be passed in time, but the people, what you did, how you behave…that’s the relationship that I think you seek out while being true to yourself, and what makes you happy,”. As the CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Satya understands the value of technology.

However, even he has stated that the team of people behind that innovative technology is more important. This goes to show the importance of teamwork and building a good team to work with.

A company that focuses just on its products may be good in the short term but will fall off when compared to those that nurture their team. A good team will take a business far into the future as you innovate and grow your business together.

Balance Is Important

In today’s world of business, where it is easy for people to connect, there is no shortage of ambitious business owners looking to start-up and grow their businesses. Thus, it is all too easy to imagine that you need to work every minute of the day to even compete in this environment.

However, Satya Nadella is a fan of working smarter as in this pandemic, he focused on helping his remote workers adapt to their new workplace and increase their work-life balance. This is because he believes that even though your products and results are important, how you interact with your team will help your business more.

Work As A Team

Satya Nadella is a very successful man, however, that is not to say that he made it there alone. Even after reaching the top, he still sees himself as part of a bigger team, one that is working towards greater success.

According to him, “Your ability to come into an uncertain time and an uncertain future and bring about clarity is key,” and “The people who are capable of getting into a situation where there is, in some sense, panic and who can bring first clarity on what to do next — that is invaluable.”. This shows the importance that leadership can have on teamwork as they are the people who direct the talents and efforts of the team.

Empathy Improves Teamwork

Satya Nadella states that empathy opens your mind up to think more about the perspective of others. "The business we are in is to meet the unmet, unarticulated needs of customers," Nadella says, adding that there is no way anyone is going to do that well without having empathy and curiosity.

Empathy improves teamwork in that it can allow for people to admit mistakes and move on from hang-ups caused by team friction. It lets people step back if they feel like mistakes are being made, which can make all the difference when making business decisions.


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