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5 Powerful Advertising Tools To Boost Your Business

Advertising is a crucial part of any business. It can however be daunting to start and manage advertising campaigns without any help. Here are 5 Powerful Advertising Tools To Boost Your Business.

Google Ads

Google should be the first thought in the mind of every business when it comes to advertising as they own the two largest search engines in the world, themselves and Youtube. This makes advertising on Google invaluable due to its unparalleled reach and traffic.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform where advertisers can apply to display their advertisements to Google users. It is extremely customizable, allowing advertisers to create your advertisement, decide on the advertising range, and set a monthly budget for their advertising.

Google Ads can also allow businesses to make the most of their advertising by providing campaign suggestions based on your marketing objective. They provide search campaigns, shopping campaigns, display campaigns, and app campaigns to name a few.

Facebook Boost

Facebook, as the social media platform with the most users worldwide, is one of the ideal places for advertising. It also provides help in your advertising with the advertising tool of Facebook Boost.

Facebook Boost is a function of Facebook that allows users to create advertisements from posts on their Facebook page. Boosting a post allows users to increase the reach of their posts to an audience of their choosing.

When a post is boosted, it will show up in the news feed of the chosen audience base for a certain amount of time. This will be based on the submitted budget and length of your advertising campaign.

Instagram Boost

Instagram is another popular social media platform with a huge market for advertising. It provides a service similar to Facebook in the form of Instagram Boost.

Instagram Boost is a feature of Instagram that allows users to boost a post that they created to reach targeted audiences. Instagram does not stop users from boosting posts that include product tags, allowing for more efficient advertising.

Instagram is a convenient platform for advertisers. This is as advertisements can be created directly from Instagram without the use of outside programs.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the social media for professional networking and career development, being a trusted site that is used by many of the biggest businesses in the world. As such, it is a good platform to advertise your business on.

LinkedIn provides its own tools for creating advertisements which allow advertisers to customize their advertisements based on their advertising objectives and target audience. This can be significant as targeting is one of the foundational elements of advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads also provides various advertisement formats and allows users to set their schedule and budget for their advertising campaign. LinkedIn Ads also has a boost function, which can extend the reach of advertisements to your target audience.

YouTube Ads

Youtube also provides its own tools for advertising on its site. Being the second largest search engine in the world, alongside being the premier video viewing site, it is one of the most ideal sites to advertise your business.

Youtube Ads are unique in the fact that they are required to be video advertisements due to the nature of the site. It requires advertisers to create a channel on Youtube and record their advertisements with the help of tools provided by the site.

Once recorded, the advertisement is sent out in the format that you have chosen, to the target audience of your choice. In a similar fashion to other sites, Youtube Ads allows users to set a lifetime budget for their advertisement, allowing businesses to never overspend on their advertising.


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