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5 Reasons Why Domino’s Marketing Strategy Works

Domino’s was once known as ‘the poor man’s Pizza Hut’, that’s the image that had been assigned to the fast-food brand. But today, Domino’s is more popular and beloved than Pizza Hut, with multiple stores and franchise chains across a wide range of countries and regions. There are a variety of reasons that make Domino’s so popular and in-demand, and Domino’s capitalize on these reasons and use them to their advantage in their marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why Domino’s marketing strategy works.

If It’s Not Fast, It’s Not Domino’s

One of the most popular tag lines that Domino’s marketing strategy applies is to emphasize on the fact that Domino’s is fast. They ensure fast preparation of their products as well as faster delivery times.

Another thing they ensure is that your pizza and the food your ordered arrives hot, not cold. Thus, by turning this into their most popular tagline, Domino’s attracts more and more customers.

Affordable, Satisfying And Delicious

As mentioned earlier, Domino’s used to be called the poor man’s Pizza Hut, and this was primarily because Domino’s has always had reasonable, affordable prices, at least as compared to Pizza Hut. While this label of the poor man’s Pizza Hut doesn’t apply anymore with regards to Domino’s, the fact remains that they still have affordable pricing.

Affordable prices alongside the deliciousness of their pizzas as well as how satisfying they actually are also increases business for Domino’s.

Local Is The Best Route To Take

Like many other fast-food franchises before them, Domino’s too employ the localization of their menu as a marketing strategy. This is one of the most effective strategies out there in order to make your business shine in different parts of the world.

By introducing localized menus and products that are flavored to the preferences of the local tastes, Domino’s ensures the presence of a strong customer base who keep coming back to them since they like the localized flavors more than the general ones.

Social Media Is The Place To Be

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the places to be today, for any brand looking to improve their brand image and drive-up business, either through controversial posts or through marketing campaigns based on engagement through these platforms.

Domino’s too has a strong social media platform, and their tweets have often been subject of discussions. Curiosity and word-of-mouth increases the number of people who want to know what the hype is all about, thus proving that social media campaigning is an effective marketing strategy.

Alluring Deals And Promotions

Domino’s also offer various deals and promotions that are not just attracting and appealing to customers but also run throughout the month. Every week new deals are introduced, or older popular combo packages are rehashed to the delight of their customers, which drives up their sales.

Domino’s creative TV and social media ads too play a role in the appeal that their promotions and deals hold for customers.


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