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5 Reasons Why Family Mart Marketing Strategy Works

Family Mart is one of Japan’s most famous convenience franchise stores, coming to be heavy competition for the infamous 7-Eleven convenience store franchise. With about 24,574 stores open worldwide across Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, Family Mart has become super successful and earns high revenue. Here are 5 reasons why Family Mart’s marketing strategy works.

‘Fun And Fresh’ Sales Strategy

Family Mart’s main marketing strategy over the years has been to emphasise repeatedly that its products are fun and fresh, focusing to show to their customers that they sell products that are healthy, delicious and of good quality.

A lot of their ads push forward the information that they control every step of manufacturing so as to ensure food safety, and in the time of the pandemic, this becomes a very appealing factor to customers, who look for safe and healthy food to consume.

Customer Is Family

Family Mart’s marketing strategy works in a way that is inclusive and makes their customers feel like they belong there and that they are valued. With its slogan ‘Family Mart, Where You Are One of the Family’, this individualised approach to referring to their customers works in Family Mart’s favour.

This slogan, in line with various promotions and reward programs that are attached to customer loyalty helps keep their business growing.

Advertising That Is In Line With Current Trends

Family Mart’s official website lists down a bunch of their labels and what they perceive to be the best aspects about Family Mart. Under these labels are many references to producing food that is safe to consume as well as solving the problem of food wastes.

Keeping in line with the global trend of being conscious of how much food is wasted, and how much chemicals go into food, either through raw materials or through addition of additives in the process of making food, Family Mart now boldly advertises on their site that they have a Clean Label system to reduce the additive percentage in food, as well as a Time Barcode and a Time-specific Pricing system to solve the problem of food waste.

This makes them popular amongst customers for taking care of not only customers’ well being through safe healthy food, but also of caring for the environment.

Variety Of Store-Based Services

One of the main marketing strategies that highlight a Family Mart experience is the fact that they offer a range of store-based services which are unlike any other convenience stores’ choice offered.

Other than selling products and operating through a mobile application, Family Mart has also introduced ‘Let’s Café’ which provides gourmet-quality coffee, dining services at stores, as well as laundromat services. They hope to make Family Mart customers’ lives a life that is ‘full of convenience and surprises’ according to their website. This unique feature of their stores draws in customers.

Mobile App, Promotions And Reward Program

Family Mart has also developed many digital services through mobile devices to cater to their customers’ needs. Each store has a FamiPort machine which is linked to the Cloud and the FamiPort app, which can be used to reserve tickets, pay bills, charge cards, request for dry cleaning, deliver parcel and so on.

In addition to this, Family Mart ensures a loyal customer base through a reward point system and giving out memberships through platforms such as HAPPYGO and UUPONE. On earning points from purchases, customers can redeem these points at Family Mart stores. All of these conveniences are marketed to customers, and thus keep them coming back to Family Mart.


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