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5 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Marketing Strategy Works

Microsoft is one the few major operating systems that runs on both PCs (Personal Computers) and mobile phones, with having competition only from companies like Apple and Linux. However, Microsoft is very popular across the world owing to its large line up of products, the easy accessibility of the operating system as well as the advertising campaigns. Here are 5 reasons why Microsoft’s marketing strategy works.

Collaborations And Acquisitions With Top Companies

Microsoft’s major marketing strategy has been to launch products that have been created in association with other companies, or to acquire other top companies to develop new applications, software and other such technological features.

Notably, Microsoft’s most popular collaborations have been top-notch companies such as Nokia, Hotmail, Xbox, Skype and so on. These collaborations strike the interest of the consumers of Microsoft and the other partner company and bring them together to drive up business.

A Large Line-up Of Products

Microsoft has a tremendously large line-up of products, ranging from operating system software to software packages such as Microsoft Office and most recently, Office 365. This line up of products also includes deals that come along with buying Microsoft’s products such as antivirus software, gaming controls, premium membership for platforms like Skype and so on.

With such a large field of sales, it is impossible to not notice Microsoft everywhere, thus increasing business through common talk as well as advertisements.

Generalized Range Of Products

Another reason why Microsoft’s marketing strategy works is because they market their products as something that is accessible to everyone, inclusive of affordability, regions of residence and hardware limitations, which are none, as compared to their toughest competitor i.e., Apple, who have certain limitations on which devices their products are accessible.

This sets apart Microsoft from their competition and thus highlights them as the best choice to consumers where they’re in search of certain products.

SEO Advertising

Like all major brands today, Microsoft too invests in SEO advertising. While other brands employ the use of Google to drive their SEO advertising campaigns, Microsoft acquired Bing to function primarily as their own SEO advertising platform.

Based on usage as well as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) user activity, this derives profits to Microsoft aside from the sale of their products.

Innovations And Rapidly Growing Consumer Base

Microsoft also invests heavily in innovation and R&D so as to ensure continued satisfaction of their customers, through regular software and operating system updates as well as launch of new products, the most recent one being the introduction of Windows 11 ahead of its release.

Owing to this factor, their customer base keeps growing. Affordability of their products as compared to Apple, as well as availability of features that rival Apple’s features are enough to keep their customers coming back to them.


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