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5 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn, which launched on the 5th of May 2003, is now one of the leading sites for professional networking and career development. As of writing, LinkedIn has nearly 800 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

LinkedIn is a website that allows members to create profiles, be it for themselves or their company, and connect with others like most other social media platforms. Members can also use LinkedIn for other purposes such as organizing offline events, joining groups, writing articles, and publishing job postings.

As LinkedIn is the social media platform for professional networking, using it can help your business. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn For Your Business.

Increase Exposure

Being found is important for any business and LinkedIn can help with exactly that. When others Google your company name, your LinkedIn page will be near the top of the searches, making it easily found and thus generating traffic for your business.

The cost of promotion for your business on LinkedIn is also non-existent and is limited only by your creativity and dedication. It allows businesses to showcase their brand to others, building brand presence and increasing exposure.

LinkedIn can also help with exposure by allowing users to network easily using the site.

As a social media site, you can find others using it, allowing for your business the ability to be linked to potential partners and clients.

Attract New Talent

LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals to build networks and connections with other like-minded individuals. As such, posting a job on LinkedIn can attract interested, qualified candidates to fill a position in your business.

New talents can also be easily searched for on LinkedIn with keywords, location, companies, and their profiles. Candidate profiles on LinkedIn can also offer a greater insight into the potential candidate than a standard CV or resume as it is more personalized.

Build Credibility

LinkedIn allows businesses to show their competence by allowing them to share their insights and relevant industry information. This would allow them to build credibility by proving that they keep up with current trends and are able to provide resources and insights to their clients.

LinkedIn also helps businesses reinforce their reputation by providing a way for them to share their story, along with providing regular updates and recommendations to their clients. It also shows the other professionals that your business has been working with, along with the communities that your business participates in, showing the technological competence of your business.

Effective Content Distribution

LinkedIn is at its core, still a social media platform and it allows businesses to connect easily with others such as their clients easily and directly. This direct line of communication can allow businesses to personalize their content shown to clients, which can show a more positive picture about themselves.

Businesses can easily post content that highlights themselves, be it photos, videos, write-ups, or other promotional materials. LinkedIn allows businesses to flex their creativity for promoting their brand and allows for promotional materials to appear interesting while still strengthening their brand in the process.

Research Competitors

As LinkedIn is an amazing tool for businesses, it is only reasonable that your competitors would be using it as well. LinkedIn allows businesses to look up and research their competitors through their LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn also allows you to connect and follow your competitors. The business world can be a small one and working in partnership or referring clients to one another may be the way to grow.

LinkedIn is amazing and proper use of it can help grow your business. In this day and age where competition for business has never been stronger, understanding and using all tools at your disposal can only help you prosper.


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