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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Active On Instagram For Your Business

Instagram has emerged as one of the top three most used social media platforms worldwide, and with an active 700 million users currently that is constantly growing, Instagram is also one of the best places to advertise your business at.

With its multimedia format, easy to access feed, and promoted ads feature, Instagram advertising is one of the best tools for any advertiser to use. Here are 5 reasons why you should be active on Instagram for your business.

Instagram And Facebook Are Connected

Facebook recently acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, thus increasing the audience size as users began to link their social media accounts. Moreover, most of Instagram Ads are established and created using Facebook and insightful data is provided from Facebook’s data base of their users thus improving the accuracy and targeting of your marketing campaign.

This essentially becomes a way for you to catch two birds with one stone. Moreover, more and more businesses are already comfortable with Facebook, so adapting to and using Instagram doesn’t prove to be challenging to them.

Non-Intrusive, Appealing Ads

One of the best things about advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is that the audience engagement rate is high because the ads come across as non-intrusive and appealing, as they represent and look like the regular posts on one’s newsfeed.

Traditional ads put off users because of how very plainly advertisement-like they are, thus alerting users to the fact that they are ads. However, Instagram ads are like any other posts that appear on a user’s newsfeed thus increasing their curiosity.

Instagram Stories- The Alluring Deadline Factor

Another unique feature of advertising on Instagram is that there is the presence of ads on Instagram stories that exist for only 24 hours. Instagram data also shows that its users are more likely to interact with stories than posts, thus increasing the chances for increased traffic to your business if you advertise on the stories section of the platform.

Moreover, the fact that these stories disappear after 24 hours creates a mysterious vibe around them and drives up the curiosity of the viewer.

Multimedia Format Of Ads

Instagram also allows for the advertiser to advertise their products and business in a variety of ad formats such as video Ads, IGTV videos, story ads, reel ads, picture and post ads, text ads, interactive ads, and carousel ads alongside traditional sponsored ads.

Moreover, the fact that these ads appear like normal posts on a user’s feed make them more triggering to click on the ad and discovering your business, thus improving the traffic on your website/ Instagram page.

High Engagement Rate And Growing Audience

Instagram is known to have an engagement rate of about 4.2% which is the highest engagement rate across social media platforms as well as around the worldwide. This means that the number of people not just viewing your ads, but also interacting with them and knowing more about your business are increasing steadily.

As mentioned earlier, the connection between Instagram and Facebook also brings in a larger audience to target your ads towards to, as well as a greater user database to gain insights from and specifically direct your ads toward.


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