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5 Ways 99 Speedmart Advertise Themselves?

Founded in 1987, what was once a small sundry mart for locals in Klang had risen to become the largest mini market retail chain in Malaysia today, widely known as 99 Speedmart. The store got its reputation for its accessibility among locals as well as for their promotional deals and prices.

Their growth in popularity increases every year, but it does come to wonder how retail stores like 99 Speedmart advertise themselves to the masses. Unlike brands that commercialise their company’s products, retail stores acts as the middle-men by selling their products to the actual consumers. So, what makes the 99 Speedmart retail chain special compared to other retail stores?


What makes the store stand out among other mini marts and hypermarkets are the competitive prices they offer to their customers every day. Their affordable prices not only keep their loyal customers come to them for their daily groceries, but it also attracts other potential customers for their low-priced goods whenever they offer new promotions.

This way of presenting their brand as the most affordable choice for local customers is great marketing for themselves as it spreads a positive image to their name, without the need of spending more money on complex marketing strategies to get customers flocking into their stores.

Strategic Location

An advantage that 99 Speedmart has over other competitors is the availability of their stores around the country. They make sure to place their stores nearby residential areas and housing neighborhoods so that residents in that area can have easier access to groceries and necessities from a short distance.

With over 1500 stores in Malaysia, you can find their stores almost anywhere. This is itself an effective marketing move as it gives the brand an awareness among the people around the mart and others passing through them. The store does not fail to live up to their motto: Near ‘n Save.

Social Media

99 Speedmart also has a big online presence in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With over 140,000 followers on Facebook and 17,000 followers in Instagram, the store uses their influence to promote their low-priced products every week as well as providing any necessary updates.

With such a huge fanbase, this gives the store a positive outlook as many loyal customers are willing to follow and share their love of the brand. This in turn provides the store free marketing from the people who enjoys using their service.

Charity Work

99 Speedmart serves the needs of the people, but in these trying times, many are still struggling to accommodate their own needs. The company use whatever in their power to help donate food and goods to them with the hopes that it would provide comfort to the community that are in need of help.

These acts of kindness present a favourable image to the company and brand, thus giving the people a better opinion of the store either through word of mouth or via social media. This is evident of what the brand believes by serving to the community who are in need of service.

Video Contest

In honour of the store’s triumphs over the years, they started a short video competition for their employees to re-enact their journey working for the store and the successes that they have accomplished. These videos are made with an inspirational message in them to spread positivity to others.

This encourages a bunch of them to make their own videos for the contest in the hopes to win and inspire. A few of them can be found on YouTube and it gives the company an optimistic image as to how they treat their employees and the people they serve.

History Of 99 Speedmart

The founder, Lee Thiam Wah, was born with a disability that discourages him to walk. Ever since he was young, he was bounded into a wheelchair and couldn’t experience the same life as his 9 siblings. While he couldn’t pursue his education, he finds himself saving money from selling snacks and eventually opened his first sundry shop in 1987.

From there, he learns about the world of retail and expands his business into a chain of mini-marts until he achieves more success to become the entrepreneur he is today. From humble beginnings to major success, his story resonates among many Malaysians who are very familiar with the store and sees him as an inspirational role model.


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