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5 Ways Mr DIY Advertise Their Brand?

MR. D.I.Y, a very popular home improvement retailer in Malaysia. The first outlet that was first opened at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in 2005 has opened about 1,000 stores across Malaysia and its neighboring countries in less than 20 years. One of the reasons why MR D.I.Y is booming at a rapid speed is because they are staying true to their motto or tagline.


On the seasonal or occasional day, MR D.I.Y. will have a special promotion that sets the customers on alert because the price that's already low, gets lower. Last year, during Merdeka Day, to help boost the local economy in Malaysia, MR D.I.Y. had the "Proudly Made in Malaysia" campaign. This campaign does not only help the local economy, but it also promotes other local brands that some may never hear of.

MR D.I.Y. has selected different products of local brands (e.g., WAXCO) and had the campaign going on for a month to celebrate Merdeka Day. The products go on from household items to school essentials and even car care products.

Billboard Advertising

Along with holding onto the tagline or motto, MR. D.I.Y. also uses campaigns to advertise its brand. Not just any campaigns, but a memorable one for the locals to remember. For example, all the way back in 2014, the billboard campaign of “Biar Kami Rugi, Anda Puas Hati” (literal meaning: Let Us Be at Loss, You Be Satisfied). This campaign not only grabs the attention of the customers but also ensures them that no matter what, they will keep their prices low. On the billboard, you could see how MR D.I.Y.’s hammer mascot says that they will be the one paying the GST tax. Letting the customers know that whatever items they have purchased in the store, they wouldn’t have to worry about paying the item’s taxes and should just shop at ease.


On digital platforms, MR D.I.Y. tends to be as interactive as it can get. On their official website, under their 'News & Promo' tab, there is a blog where different D.I.Y. videos are shown. Here we have an "MR. D.I.Y. Lifehacks: D.I.Y Stationery Organizer with a Hanger!" video where all the products shown can be found in MR D.I.Y.

Social Media

On its Facebook page, MR D.I.Y. stays interactive by giving out some tricks/tips or their #DailyProductsForEveryone or a fact/myth 10-second video of a certain product that they have in store. All these interactives are effective because customers seemed to be hyping them up.

Two of the platforms, aside from their official website, are Facebook (3.5 million followers) and Instagram (276k followers). This is to engage and interact with the customers in an easier and modern way.

Working With Influencers

While using the platform, MR D.I.Y. has the advantage to promote its brand even more by working with influencers and working with other business partners.

Because MR D.I.Y sticks to its mission and vision and has interactive platforms that can engage with the customers to advertise, it makes customers trust more in the brand and stays loyal. Whichever states you go to in Malaysia, you would not fail to find at least one MR D.I.Y. outlet.

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