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7 Factors To Determine If Your Commercial Is A Success

Wrong Audience

Regardless of how much money they spent or how creative they boldly go for the commercial, it would still miss the mark when you made it for the wrong crowd. Many ads fail simply because they missed the point. In order to sell what you’re offering, you need to sell it to the people who would want to buy it.

Knowing your audience is an important key strategy to achieve your marketing goals as well as putting your brand in the people’s mind. Researching your potential customers, conducting surveys and studying your competitors can help you create an ad that could reel in your audience rather than driving them away.

Hard Sell

Not every product can last till the end of time. Often times, they may seem outdated or no longer attractive. Some companies would make ads to aggressively push their products but applying pressure is barely effective. This may give off the idea that nobody wants what they’re selling but that is not entirely true.

Knowing your audience also means finding the right person who would go for what you’re selling. With the right idea of how to approach them, the right customer will come along. Commercials are meant to be inviting, not to seem desperate.

Bad Quality

People want the best quality in the things they buy and be worth every penny they spent. But unfortunately, certain commercials don’t reflect the quality of the actual product. A lot of it seems cheap, poorly made and badly represented. This could be a result of companies who have no idea how to sell their brand or a lack of knowledge and experience from the marketing team.

To have people wishing for your product, it has to start by telling them why they would want them in the first place. With the right tone and delivery, these commercials can attract many eyes and ears to come to your door. If there is a need to have a quality control on your products, then maybe it’s best to have a similar idea for your marketing approach.

Not Interesting

Our curiosity drives us to try new things, and the best of ads makes us want to get out of our homes to buy the new trending item. The worst of ads don’t even make us flinch. Advertisements are all about increasing the interest of their brands into the minds of consumers. An effective ad makes it clear of what they’re selling and shows why we may take an interest in it.

An ineffective ad fails to deliver what they want to sell and is unsure of how to make it attractive or interesting enough so that people would want to purchase it. Certain ads would flex their creativity to sell their brand in an interesting way, but if it comes off as unusual or offbeat, then it fails to simply do what ads are meant to do.


Comfort is a blessing, and nowadays, they are many tools that relieves us from certain discomforts that plagues our daily life, be it a minor or major annoyance. Many companies compete to create the best tool for the ease of the masses. But there are a few times where the “life-changing” product isn’t really that innovative to begin with.

Creating a problem-solving product that people can relate to is itself already attractive. It only doesn't work if your product does not offer any solutions to any daily problem. Producing a commercial would be a challenge as people would still beg the question if they actually need it. A commercial can save a product, but not all products can save a commercial.

Straight To The Point

A good commercial is one that doesn’t waste its time of what it’s trying to say. Showcasing the product, sharing its features and uses, presenting affordable options and where or how to buy them. Simple as that. Yet, not every commercial can simplify their product in only one sentence.

Over-stuffing your commercial with information is not terrible, but it's wiser to only focus on the necessary details. Not everything needs to be spoon-fed and can simply be fixed by providing links to where customers can find more information. The simpler your commercial is, the better it delivers.

Selling Point

A good ad can often be contributed to a its unique selling point. Whether it’s cheaply priced, different in taste, or has a sally slogan, small things like these are enough to entice more customers. But it would be the opposite if you have a selling point that doesn’t attract any new sales at all.

It's not easy to create a million-dollar selling point overnight, but it hurts even more when presenting your product with a weak and unclear slogan that leaves the people confused at what you’re selling. With more time in understanding your product and your target audience, a clear selling point would come that will work in your favour.


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