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Differences Between: Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, And Production House

Businesses usually need to work with marketing and advertising agency and a production house. But first, what is the difference between an agency and a company?

An agency usually comes out with a creative but does not know whether it is in a realistic direction or not. Meanwhile, a production company can demonstrate the promoting innovative without requiring an agency's involvement. Let us look at each one of them in more depths!

What Is Marketing Agency

Marketing agency is to initiate a conversation of serving or providing other businesses in one or more areas of marketing services. Marketing agency and marketing firms has their differences, so, do not get confused by it. Marketing firms have a limited range of services. They usually stick to 1 or 2 niches (e.g., SEO or Contents). Marketing agency offers more services.

What Do Marketing Agency Do?

Marketing these days provides different kinds of services to a client to give what they need. But even marketing agencies have different types; full-services, specialized marketing, traditional marketing. They assist their client, mostly companies, on planning, designing, and execution phases for their marketing activities. Full-services agencies covers all 3 phases, while specialized marketing focuses on one or more services only. Traditional marketing will just focus on traditional marketing services.

Such services include:

1. Digital Advertising

Managing online advertising through different online platforms like Facebook,

2. Creative Design

Making varieties of designs for the client’s website, logos, images, etc.,

3. Web Development

Making and managing custom pages/sites,

4. SEO Management

Improving the rankings of the client’s page, website, blogs,

5. Social Media Management

Managing social presence on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn,

6. Strategic Planning and Data Analysis

Observe and analyze the company’s data to strategize the next marketing move,

7. Copywriting

Making copies for emails, websites, social media, and other places where people can see your words,

8. Media Planning and Buying

Purchasing and managing on advertising spaces. This includes, billboards, television, radio, etc.,

9. Content Writing

Materials written with SEO goals and made for inbound digital campaigns.

10. Email Management

Creating, opting in, distributing email messages or campaigns,

11. Traditional

Applies to all forms of mass media.

Source by WebFX
Source by WebFX

What Is Advertising Agency

Advertising agency is creating and increasing awareness to a brand or businesses of a clients. Advertising agency plans out the when, where, and how the ads should be delivered to the targeted audience before handing it over to the client. They are usually hired by businesses, corporations, or non-profits organization.

What Do Advertising Agency Do?

Advertising agency plays an important role of making the efforts to sell the client's products. They make an advertisement based on the product's information, research on the company and its products, observe the customer's reactions, planning out the type of media to be used, taking feedback from both the clients and customers before deciding to take more actions.

5 Common Types of Advertising Agency

1. Full-Service Agency

Just as it is called, full-service agency does everything for its client. They provide things like campaign management, TV ads, social media management, content creation, radio commercials, print advertising, strategic planning, and SEO.

2. Interactive Agency

Another name for an interactive agency is digital advertising agency. Sophisticated ways for communication are used to reach out the customers. It specializes everything online and sending direct messages on people's phones.

3. Creative Boutiques

This agency specializes in having a very creative and innovative ads. They are generally working in a small team to avoid miscommunication.

4. Media-Buying Agency

This agency focuses on planning and buying advertising place and sell it to the advertisers. They help to schedule time-frames (on televisions/radios) with a recommended budget to reach the targeted audience.

5. In-House Agency

In-house agency is nearly the same to full-service agency. They do everything for their client except that they are built in for big organization and work for them only.

What Is Production House?

Production house is also known as production company. In a way you could say that they are the backbone of the entertainment industry- film, comics, video games, music, etc. Some of the famous production houses are Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, or Warner Bros.

What Do Production House do?

They help clients in the media production for a personal or corporate event. It aids in budgeting, scheduling, scripts, casting, location scouting, etc. Production house is usually run by a producer or a director and they have the responsibility of property damaged or an injured person on set.

The primary purpose is to interact and connect with the client's target audience. Therefore, they need to ensure that the pre-production, post-production, the planning, and deadlines are all arranged properly and thoroughly.

A lot of services are available to a production company. A few of them are listed below:

1. Corporate Profile Videos

Introducing the company's brand and services on the company's website.

2. Video Editing Service

To operate and work on the video shots manually to improve the video and audio effects.

3. Video Productions

For personal or business which can be set as live or post-production following on the client's requirement.

4. Social Media Video Production

Produces videos to be broadcasted online through social media platform (YouTube).


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