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5 Cheap Ways To Advertise Your Business

It is very natural for any kind of business to want to have an affordable, cheapest, but effective method to promote or advertise its business. Some businesses would just go with whatever method if it benefited the business and can increase their brand awareness. Other businesses prefer to keep in budget and go with the cheapest but effective kinds for their business.

There are a variety of cheap methods to help promote and advertise your business if you’re either under budget or just want to spend less. So, what are some of the cheap methods to help your business?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods but has been stigmatized as 'spam' in the last few years. With the data protection and marketing rules, it's no longer stigmatized as much now. Email marketing can target messages at the target audience fast and right time.

It can also make customers buy or visit your business website. Even though email marketing is not new, consumers can find it useful and reliable to find information on the business's ongoing sales, discounts, or even new products.

Social Media

Social media has been playing quite a role for businesses in the twenty-first century. They utilize popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Within the social media network, businesses can use word-of-mouth marketing to promote and make the business go viral.

But word-of-mouth depends on how satisfied customers are with the product or service for others to see its values. Using hashtags on social media is very convenient as it can increase the SEO for your business. When people see a trending hashtag on Twitter, for example, they would be curious as they have never heard about it before and later would be curious and do their background research on your business based on the hashtag.

Ads On Social Network

Though using social media is a cheap and effective method for your business, creating your ad using one of the social networks, like Facebook ads or Google ads, will give you more options to expand your audience by making call-to-action buttons or setting an objective.

Google ads let potential customers tap on the ad and have the choice of calling or sending you a message request. Both Facebook ads and Google ads offer an average cost of about $2 CPC. It is also worth it if your business has a clear marketing strategy planned out.

Articles / Blogs

A well-written blog or articles on your business website can enhance the business's SEO, improve its online appearance, and user's engagements. Writing blogs or articles doesn't mean you have to be a professional writer blogs/articles don't need to be long. Simple and straightforward content, relating to a keyword will do.

It doesn't just have to be placed upon your business website but can be sent to magazines or newspapers too. Most might think the two industries are dead, but they are not, and a lot are still looking for content to insert. Be sure to insert your content in a magazine where the target audience is likely to read.


Running an interactive webinar that has popular or interesting topics will attract more customers or prospects to learn more about your business. It is a free method to promote and advertise your business with the target audience right on spot, providing them useful information that they can learn about. Be sure to promote the webinar on your social media, newsletter, and encouraging friends to help promote before the event day.

Sending emails to universities would help as well if your business were related to the courses offered. The webinar would require attendees to register to remind them and have a limited audience. Usually, webinars could have up to five hundred participants.


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