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5 Reasons Instagram Advertising Works?

Instagram has a lot of active users (about 600+M) that would scroll through their feeds every single day. So, there is no doubt your ads might pass through a user’s feed and get interested in looking at it. Instagram advertising gives you more opportunity for your business than you think.

Easy To Create Ads

Creating an ad is very easy whether you do it right on the application or use the Facebook Ads Manager. Either way, the step into making an ad is very clear and straightforward and all that’s needed to be added is creativity.

Instagram itself already has different places to put ads in feeds, stories, or the explore tab. Because Facebook now owns Instagram, it is now easier to connect applications expanding the ad for your business.

Instagram's Updates

Over the years, Instagram has constantly updated its apps. For instance, the story features have a lot more interactive stickers- hashtags, music, quizzes, polls, etc. One of the stickers is an awareness sticker- like the Stay-at-Home sticker.

Other stickers like Support Small Business, is a very effective sticker that engages with the followers because stories of that business will appear first from other people’s stories. Quizzes, polls, and the ranking slider engages a lot with the users on Instagram.

Though they may not be interested much in your business, they would still click on the options given by you and would just tap on any of the options.

Targeting Options

We know all too well that Instagram is under Facebook. The Facebook Ads Manager helps you decide on the kinds of audiences you would like to have for your business- saved audiences, custom audiences, or a lookalike audience.

Since the two apps are connected, exploring the options of audiences is not a bad thing because online users would go back and forth to the same application installed in their phone and would spend at least 50 minutes on each app.

But, if your business just wants to reach out to your audience, Instagram ads can be specific about it. Like its location, demographics, interest, language, and so on.

Higher Engagements

Because of the constant updates, Instagram is giving us, like those interactive stickers, engagements of people and the business went up even higher. To get a higher engagement for your business, it's important to have very visually engaging pictures and/or videos of your business's products. Or hashtags. Hashtags would leverage the user-generated content (UGC) and it could make something trending quickly.

According to Yotpo, people are engaging more in Instagram than in Facebook and Twitter. Although the rates may have changed now, people are anticipated more from Instagram's ads than the two mentioned.

The Results

Unlike other kinds of advertising, instead of waiting for the results, Instagram provides a real-time track of your campaigns. It shows the data of the best engagement, the sales/leads, and the amount you have spent on the campaign that you made for your business. Doing ads on Instagram is less time-consuming and gives the best results.

They also have a better return of investment (ROI) and cost compared to other online marketing.

Instagram has been around for a while, but it is still a social media where online users spend most of their time as they keep on upgrading the features of the app. Putting Instagram ads as a marketing strategy for your business could maybe help you reach out and expand to more opportunities for your business. So, what's stopping you from creating an ad on Instagram?


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