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How Amazon Started?

Amazon is an internet-based enterprise that sells a variety of items, from books and movies to housewares and electronics.

It also has a Web service business that includes renting data storage and computing resources, so-called “cloud computing,” over the Internet.

Amazon has become the iconic example of electronic commerce.

The Founder.

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur who played a key role in the growth of e-commerce as the founder and chief executive officer of, Inc.

He worked on Wall Street in an array of related fields from 1986 to early 1994. He founded Amazon in late 1994, on a cross-country road trip from New York City to Seattle.

Jeff Bezos’ net worth has now surpassed $210 billion, making him not only the world’s richest person today. He is wealthier than anyone else on the planet dating back to at least 1982 when the first Forbes 400 list was created.

The Start Of Amazon.

Amazon was founded in July 1994. Jeff Bezos left his job at an investment bank in 1994 and he moved to Seattle to open a virtual bookstore.

He chose to go to Seattle to start up Amazon because of technical talent as Microsoft is located there.

Jeff Bezos went with Mackenzie Scott to Seattle, Scott was one of Amazon's first employees, and was involved in Amazon's early days, working on the company's name, business plan, accounts, and shipping early orders.

In May 1997, Amazon went public. The following year it sold music and videos and began operations internationally by acquiring online sellers of books in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Then in 1999, Amazon sold items like video games, consumer electronics, home improvement items, software, games, and toys.

The Name Amazon.

The reason why Jeff Bezos named his company Amazon is because he liked the largest river in the world, which is “Amazon”.

Jeff Bezos originally wanted to name the company the "Cadabra." He also considered the name

The First Product.

It sold its first book in 1995. The reason why Jeff Bezos chose to sell books over anything else is that he thinks that books were great as the first best.

This is because books are incredibly unusual in one respect, which is that there are more items in the book category than there are items in any other category by far.

Then in 2015, the company opened its first physical bookstore in Seattle's University shopping center.

How Amazon Affected Society.

Before Amazon was founded, people had to go to stores physically when they needed to get an item. Having to wait in queues, find parking and carry items. It is not easy work.

But as generations change and become more familiar with technology, online shopping is the way to go. Although Amazon initially sold books online, over the years it has sold everything, including electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and much more.

The company made shopping more convenient through features like one-click ordering, personalized recommendations, package pickup at Amazon hubs and lockers, and in-home delivery.


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