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How Annapurna Started?

Established in 2016, Annapurna Interactive works with game creators from around the world, helping them create and release personal experiences for everyone.


On December 1, 2016, Annapurna Pictures established a new business unit to explore opportunities in the video game market.

The company's founding team included prominent video game industry veterans like Nathan Gary, Deborah Mars, Hector Sanchez, and Jeff Legaspi, all of whom had previously worked for either Sony Interactive Entertainment or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Jenova Chen also acted as an advisor for the business. The company's stated mission was to publish games that evoke strong feelings in players.

Early Success

The launch day also marked the public unveiling of the company's publishing agreements with a number of individual developers. Gorogoa, What Remains of Edith Finch, Wattam, and Florence were among the earliest games released by the firm.

The Artful Escape, Ashen, and Telling Lies are just a few of the titles that Annapurna stated it would publish in 2017.

The company announced Nathan Vella's hiring in May of 2020; Vella had previously served as president of Capybara Games. Annapurna launched their in-house development team in Los Angeles in October 2020.

The Future of the Company

Publisher Annapurna Interactive, Stories Untold and Observation developer No Code, and co-producer Konami have announced Silent Hill: Townfall. Platforms and a release date were not announced.

No Code creative director Joe McKellen appeared to express how big of fans they are of the Silent Hill franchise, but it will be a while before we see more of the game. Indeed, the truth is we know almost nothing about this game. Konami added that it plans to expand its partnerships “in the future with equally talented teams,” so there will be more collaborations where this one with Annapurna and No Code came from.

This game franchise had been loved by many fans, However due to Konami firing Hideo Kojima ( the original creator), Fans are giving up that this franchise will be continued by Konami. However, it seems that Konami will give this franchise a chance once again, partnered up with Annapurna Interactive, fans happy to have this studio created the gem from the past. Things are definitely looking better for Annapurna.


People Make Games, a YouTube channel dedicated to video game journalism, featured articles in March 2022 on Annapurna Interactive's three video game studios, Mountains, Fullbright, and Funomena. For all three incidents, employees reportedly contacted Annapurna Interactive to express their dissatisfaction with the abusive and toxic working conditions fostered by the studio's founders.

Employees claimed that Annapurna Interactive was favouring the founders in question in an effort to persuade the publisher to mediate.

An ex-employee claims that when asked why games don't get created without strong personalities, Annapurna Interactive reps replied, "because we need them." Chris Bratt of People Make Games saw this trend of auteur culture in the indie film and gaming industries as a whole.


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