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How Apple Become Successful?

Apple Inc., is formerly known as Apple Computer Inc., is a leading American computer company manufacturing personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. It has been popular worldwide since its release in 2007 as it has the latest feature of touchscreen.

It was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1 April, 1976. Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, it has now released the new iPhone 13 Pro.

The Apple brand is popular among people in different ages, gender and social class as they provide a variety of products to suit different occasions. Here are a few reasons how Apple become successful in this modern era.

Easy To Use

Imagine if you buy a product and you want to use it often but it is extremely hard to use. It must be user friendly in order to attract the customers to buy and use their product. Therefore, Apple’s design their product intuitive and easy to learn.

Apple’s iPhone only has one button on the screen while the others are all touchscreens. With this simple round button on the bottom of the smartphone, you can return to the home screen and even unlock the screen with the fingerprint function built in the round button.

As technology keeps advancing every day, people want more features but Apple can create different tools as easy as possible. This attracted a lot of new customers and return customers when they release new products to the market.

Keep It Simple

Although Apple sounds complicated, they tend to keep things simple. Apple only has one iPhone model which is helpful for their staff as they don’t need to memorize all the functions of the different phone models.

Apple only has one model at a time which may sound limiting the choice for their customers, when the customers are given one perfect product. When the choice given is nice, they would prefer a simple and not complicated by different choices.

Ahead From Other Competitors

Apple has always been ahead of a lot of its competitors at almost 2 years earlier in the market. This means that when the first release of iPhone in 2007, their product dominated the whole market.

Before the other competitors come out with their product in the market, iPhone has been a leading brand for the smartphones in these days. However, Apple did not stop their leading by releasing more designs of products to the market which set them apart from most companies.

Quality Product

As a well-known product in the world, Apple only make a product if they can do it better than their other competitors. They mostly invent existing product in the market but improvise them to a better quality.

For instance, although Apple invented the first ever touchscreen phone in the world, they only reinvented it and made it better. Their goal is just simple by designing and make better product to the world while trying to keep it simple.

Good Customer Service

Last but not least, Apple cannot success without their wonderful customer service provided to the public. They fulfil their customer’s needs and gain a lot of loyal customers from all around the world.

They opened over 460 retail stores all around the world and even an official online store to provide a better service to the customers. This helps their business and brand to reach people from different region and countries.

Up-To-Date Operating Systems

As we all know, computer’s system and operating system are not perfect as bugs and malfunctions are common things to happen. In order to make sure their product keep up with the latest updates, Apple will require their users to update their iOS to make sure all the features of the product are functioning well.

Apple’s latest version of the iOS update is at version 14.7.1 which provides a few new features to the product users. For example, the ability of FaceTime to make calls to Windows and Android users which is very convenient for those who wish to communicate to other brands beside Apple.


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