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How Carlo Rino Started?

Carlo Rino, a well-known Malaysian brand with an Italian ring captures the hearts of young cosmopolitan customers with its vibrant colors and trendy designs.

Although the brand is a popular brand for its shoes, Carlo Rino also makes a variety of products such as wallets, key chains, purses, and handbags.

Carlo Rino produces the best shoes and handbags that would transcend through fashion seasons so that anyone can be stylish on any given day

The Founder

Chiang Sang Sem, the founder of Carlo Rino, grew up in Malacca. He quit his studies and worked at a handbag factory at the age of 15 in Penang.

The factory employed about 10 people and paid RM15 a month. He learned his designing and sewing skills during his two years there.

Chiang moved from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, and later to Singapore in 1971. He started work in another bag factory that paid 5 times more than the previous one.

He worked his way up to a design supervisor. After that, he borrowed enough money from relatives to start his own factory with seven workers, three of whom were his younger brothers.

They produced bags for other companies whenever orders were placed, making up to 60 bags a day.

How Carlo Rino was created.

Carlo Rino, established in 1986, is a brand specializing in producing high fashioned goods and accessories from the finest materials.

This brand was successfully developed by Bonia. Carlo Rino is their second in-house brand, Sembonia being the first.

As one of the fastest-growing brands, Carlo Rino aimed to take the fashion scene to another level with an exciting and unique range of products that are classy, yet fashionable and contemporary.

Carlo Rino has gone global as well, reaching out to 62 countries and still counting.

Their Values

Carlo Rino aims to keep up-to-date with fresh and youthful trends. They are always ready to present products that are innovatively designed and in tune with the latest fashion trends.

This brand focuses on femininity and functionality. Their purpose is to produce bags that are stylish yet practical with perfect contemporary and versatile combinations.

Carlo Rino believes that fresh and fashionable designs coupled with quality materials are the key to capturing the heart of many young urban women who wish to look their best all-day

Marketing Strategies

Carlo RIno’s marketing strategies have helped them to further promote their brand. Firstly, they use licensing, dealers, and distributors to manage the sales of their products through their retail stores. This helps to expose the brand and distribute its products.

Secondly, Carlo Rino sets up various stores. With this, it increases their sales quickly and helps them to reach markets.

Lastly, they allow customers to sign up for membership. These customers receive discounts, birthday benefits, and invitations to Carlo RIno’s events. With such benefits, customers are likely to sign up and purchase more from the brand in order to enjoy these discounts and privileges.

The Success of Carlo Rino

Since its launch in 1986, Carlo Rino has grown rapidly. The reason is because of their wide selection of products on colors, functionality, and durability targeted at the young and trendy lifestyle.

Carlo Rino is known for its projection of fun, vibrant and invigorating identity, which allows them to be popular among young females.

The brand’s products are also affordable, yet luxurious, making them more eye-catching than ever. Moreover, Carlo Rino is known for quality and has kept that image ever since.


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