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How Did Nike Became Successful?

Nike is a big name in sports, being one of the largest and most famous in sport apparels and accessories manufacturing. The name is essentially synonymous with sports and famous athletes.

Founded by Phil Knights and his college coach, Bill Bowerman, it had humble beginnings as a shoe distributor for the Japanese shoe maker, Onitsuka Tigers, under the name Blue Ribbons Sports. When their license to distribute their shoes expired, they decided to start new business selling their own shoes designed by Bowerman.

Then they rebranded as Nike and used a new company logo which was designed by a graphic designer student, Carolyn Davidson, known as the Swoosh. From there onwards until today, they would became one of the most well known sports apparel and accessories manufacturer in the world.

Being the most famous and leading brand in sports is no everyday feat. So what had Nike done to wear the crown, especially when competing against other well-known brands like Adidas and Puma?

Investing Billions Into Marketing and Branding

Since Blue Ribbons Sports rebranding into Nike, if there is something the company has come to master, it is their excellent marketing. Since their first commercial in 1982, they have poured billions of dollar into marketing their shoes and other various sports apparel and accessories.

They have created lots of TV ads and commercials and had kept up with the times as they expanded into multimedia marketing campaigns, internet ads and email ads. They are also known for doing a lot of sponsoring for famous athletes in various sports as well as college sport teams.

They also made use of endorsements from famous athletes to associate themselves with high quality products.

Focused On The Emotional Aspect In Their Marketing

Back when they were still Blue Ribbon Sports, Bill Bowerman had always marketed Onitsuka Tigers' shoes and their benefits for health in the form of jogging and sports. This focused on the benefits continued on in the marketing when they rebranded as Nike.

Nike focused on the emotional aspect of what their sport shoes provides. They link their shoes and accessories with the idea of health and a better version of an individual through exercise and sports.

This is evident in their advertisement where their own products are hardly mentioned and the act of doing sports and exercise is emphasized instead. This directly targets the emotions of customers who are interested in the idea of be health and being a better version of themselves.

Embracing New Innovative Technology

To keep ahead of the competition and to associate their brand with innovation and high quality, Nike is willing to try new technology. For example, they had experimented with the idea of shoes that lace themselves whenever the wearer puts them on called the Hyperadapt 1.0 and after ten years of development it came out as a success.

With more and more innovative ideas, they also constantly improve their shoes with better materials. They had created new shoes that are lighter and sturdier, fit with unique designs like their Flyknit shoes, or their Air Vapormax which replaces foams with airbags.

Offers Wide Range of Products

Nike had primarily created sports shoes but over the years had expanded to include various sports apparels and accessories. These include sport outfits such as tracking suits, sport shorts, sport bras, sweatbands and casual clothing.

And then they also sell unrelated products such as watches, apps, sunglasses, gloves, scarves and belts. By offering a wide range of products, they were able to dip their hands into a wide market and use that wide range to promote their brand outside of sports.

Ensures The Highest Quality Products And Services

If it is not clear already, Nike has always made sure their brands are associated with high quality products. They had always made sure their products are always high quality and highly durable and that they are made to help athletes perform better.

Speaking of performing better, Nike has always present themselves and their products as always keeping in mind the needs and preferences of both customers and athletes and fulfilling them. This level of consideration is a testament to their commitment to improving the health of customers and allow them to make a better and healthier lifestyle by doing their favorite sports.


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