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How Domino's Became Successful?

Domino's is a name that is familiar to consumers as it is very well-known not just here in Malaysia. Formerly known as DomiNick's and founded in 1960 after taking over an existing business, they changed their name officially to Domino's in 1965 after a driver had suggested a new name.

Domino's had grown so big that they expanded their horizons for the first time ever to Canada in 1983. They later began to branch out and eventually as of 2018, there are 15,000 stores worldwide.

This pizza restaurant chained earned a massive revenue of 4.12 billion US Dollars in 2020, which is a lot more compared to the previous years. Continue reading to find out how they reached this height.


Domino's knows that marketing strategy is important to appeal to the public. They have managed to make the public recall their brand by producing memorable advertisements and marketing aggressively.

The company is also well know for their catchy ads. They have made several marketing campaigns, advertisements as well as jingles to catch the people's attention to their brand which is an effective way of marketing.

Low Cost

The pizza from Domino's is known for its price as well. Since they are more focused on deliveries, they do not need to waste a lot of money making their establishments look like a high end, fine dining restaurant and they do not emphasize too much on the ambience of the place since most of the time customers are only there to take their pizzas once they are done or have the delivered.

The customers are happy with the pizzas that the brand produces. This is simply because the prices are lower and they are also offered deals and other forms of alternatives such as vouchers for a set meal.

Strategic Locations

Domino's franchise is usually situated nearby residential or office areas for ease of delivery. This plays a significant role because the locations of the restaurants are dependent on the population of the area itself.

The closer it is to a dense area, the easier it is to deliver the pizzas. This due to the fact that it is more difficult to deliver food to a neighbourhood where houses are separated quite some distance to each other.

Quality of Food

Of course, Domino's do have a competitor such as Pizza Hut which is also another brand that is known for their pizzas. However, Domino's does offer a special menu of their own depending on the country they are in.

Domino's also offer a healthier alternative compared to other brands. The crusts of their pizzas are made of doughs that have healthy fats and they achieved this by using whole wheat aside from incorporating salads in their menus.

Efficient Service

Domino's provides delivery service aside from dining in, this helps separates them from other rival brands. This is perfect for customers who prefer to have their food being delivered when they do not have the time cook.

Domino's traditional pizzas take seven minutes and fifteen seconds to cook in their ovens and takes less than thirty minutes to deliver depending on your orders and the address. Their delivery fees are also free of charge for purchases of RM20 ad above, this makes it worth it for customers who are too busy to prepare meals on their own and do not want to spend too much on a single meal as well.

These are reasons why Domino's became successful over the course of years, from a small restaurant to a massive pizza chain with stores worldwide in multiple countries. This is a big achievement for the founders as their legacy continues to be enjoyed by people.


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