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How Mamee Started?

Mamee Double-Decker is a Malaysian-based company with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of snack foods and beverages.

This brand is currently the leading Malaysian brand for instant noodles and noodle snacks in Malaysia.

It has become the childhood snack of most Malaysians today.

The Founder

The founder of the renowned Mamee is Datuk Pang Chin Hin. Before venturing into the instant noodles business, Datuk Pang was a secondhand car dealer.

A friend of Datuk Pang convinced him to go into the instant noodle business. His friend provided the financial support and they went into the business without any relevant knowledge.

He also prepared his son, Datuk Wira Pang Tee Chew, to join the business.

In 1971, he and his partner founded Pacific Food Products in Melaka, a small manufacturing plant to manufacture instant noodles.

At the time, Datuk Pang noticed that rubber tappers in rural areas were eating uncooked noodles straight from the pack as they did not have a gas stove or heat readily available for them.

That was how the inspiration of Mamee was born. Datuk Pang revamps their instant noodle brand to an easy-to-eat snack.

The Name Mamee

The name Mamee was inspired by the strong emotional connection a person has with their mother. The snack ‘Mamee’ is from the word ‘mommy’.

Although the inspiration for the snack was from rubber tappers, they wanted to focus the product on children instead. The name Mamee was chosen because it was easy for children to remember.

But in 1992, the company changed its name to Mamee-Double Decker.

First Product

Mamee’s first food produced was called Lucky Instant Noodle. The competition for this company was tough as Lucky Instant Noodle was only the fourth brand of instant noodles made available in Malaysia.

The response to their product made the company struggle. Therefore, Datuk Pang produced an easy-to-eat snack instead.

In 1974, Mamee Monster Noodles was launched. It helped the company to reclaim itself. The product was popular among all ages and it was very affordable.

It became Malaysia’s best-selling noodle snack in the 1980s.

Expanding Products.

After releasing Mamee Monster Noodle, they continued to think of other snacks to produce. They launched Double Decker’s Crackers and Mister Potato in 1992.

After that, instead of launching more snacks, they decided to join the dairy market. In 1996, they launched Nutrigen’s cultured milk and yogurt

Then in 2012, they decided to give their instant noodle meal another try. They launched Mamee Chef instant noodles and it was a hit.

Going Global

Since Mamee and its other brands were doing extremely well in the Malaysian market, they decided to go global and further expand their brand.

Their instant noodle brand in Myanmar is one of the leading brands and in France, Mamee commands the largest market share in instant noodles at 35%.

Moreover, the company’s top export markets are Australia, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands.

Mamee has grown into an internationally-recognized F&B empire with over 50 products and 10 brands that are exported to over 100 countries.


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