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How Much Does Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram is a popular and leading social media platform especially for the younger generations in this modern day. Instagram is also ranked as the 4th most used social media platform in the world while having about 1.3 billion users which is still growing from time to time.

Therefore, with this amount of users and population in the platform, business advertisement through Instagram can be a good way to promote your business to a wide audience. For those business and company who are considering Instagram to promote, you might want to check out the cost for their advertisement.

4 Types Of Ads

i. Story Ads

First, Instagram have this service for Story Ads. Story feature is considered one of the latest features for social media platforms which made the story advertisement the newest option provided for business owners. As there are more than 500 million Instagram accounts use story feature per day, it is a great way to connect your business with the other users.

ii. Photo Ads

Photo ads are commonly seen in Instagram which are the photos that appear in the user’s feed. Those photo advertisements will have a sponsored tag at the bottom of the photo.

While choosing this photo advertisement, you must make sure you choose the correct photo. For example, the photo should fit the Instagram’s style so that the audience will be attracted.

iii. Video Ads

Other than photo ads, video advertisement is also provided for the business owners on Instagram. The video ads are similar to the photo but the videos can play up to 60 seconds long so it can capture more attention than the photo ads.

As the video will play automatically as the users scroll through the feeds. However, you must take note that the video will be muted automatically so you must remember to put the information focusing on visual rather than on audio as your audience might miss the information if they didn’t turn on the audio.

iv. Carousel Ads

This is a good option for your audience to interact with your ads as it allows you to post multiple photos or videos in a post. It can provide your audience a variety of different products or services in one post which is good for promoting multiple products.

Cost For Instagram Ads

According to Keith Baumwald, who is the founder of boutique consultant agency Leverag Consulting, Instagram ads are slightly hight than Facebook.

The price range for Instagram ads are about $0.50-$1.00 (MYR2.08 - MYR4.17). However, you might need to pay more for highly competitive industries such as travel or fashion as there are a lot of business competing in the same industry.

As for CPC (cost-per-click), the business owners need to pay $0.5 - $3.5 (MYR2.08 - MYR14.59) for each click from the audience while paying $2 - $20 for CPM (cost-per-impression). You must review all the type of ads provided and choose wisely for the ads that fit your business and reach a wider audience.

How To Launch Instagram Ads

First, you can share posts that have been created and select the post you want to promote to the audience. Once you select the post, you can launch it as an ad after paying to Instagram and you will be able to check and track the users that viewed your post and interact with it.

Besides that, if you are busy organizing and managing your ads, you can choose to use the Instagram partners for extra help. This Instagram partners can help run your campaign while working with professionals and experts on Instagram.

Instagram vs Facebook

As we all know, Facebook and Instagram are closely connected to one another. However, when choosing a social media platform to promote business, you might want to compare these two in different perspectives.

From the demographic of both these platforms, Facebook can reach to a huge audience in almost most ages of people worldwide while Instagram have users more focused on the age around 25 to 29 years old. You should think properly which platform can reach your target audience before you pay for their advertisements.

Are Instagram Ads Worth It?

You might think of this question before you choose any platform to promote your business as all business owners would want an effective way to reach their audience. Instagram is worth the price as Instagram ads maintain higher click-through rates (CTRs).

Moreover, Instagram ads also offers advanced targeting options from the location to interests which can achieve higher return from your ads. Lastly, Instagram ads generates sales with higher order values which allows you to have a good result from the ads.


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