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How Started?, the world's most comprehensive website dedicated to helping people find educational opportunities. Students who are interested in trying out online learning, exploring different academic paths, or studying different occupations can find everything they need here. No matter what kind of help students are looking for, we have it.

Brief History

Adrian Ridner and Ben Wilson started with the intention of democratising knowledge. Their ambition expanded over the previous two decades to become a premier online education platform giving a tailored learning experience across a broad spectrum of education. We're in this because we know that education is the path to social mobility, and that knowledge is the great equaliser. Students of various ages can benefit from's services, which aim to boost academic performance and fill up knowledge gaps. In just one year, students have been able to save a total of $132,000,000 in tuition costs by using and our College Accelerator service. has provided $23 million in-kind value across social impact projects, including matching employee contributions to non-profit organisations and millions to aid schools during the epidemic.

In total, the staff and the tens of thousands of tutors, experts, animators, and editors who make up the Study Studio network have created 1.5 million study materials. A total of 16 million hours each year are invested in learning thanks to resources like micro-lessons, videos, flashcards, lesson plans, worksheets, and more.


Adrian has been committed to advancing personalized and engaging learning at scale for students of varying needs and diverse backgrounds to help level the playing field.'s short video lessons and online courses help students achieve their educational goals and degrees needed to unlock economic opportunities.

As an Argentine immigrant, Adrian is particularly proud that helps students, teachers and parents in the U.S. and around the world. He gets excited about each learner that shares their personal story, from every corner of the globe, about how empowered them to achieve their education and career dreams.

In 2017, Adrian launched the Working Scholars® program as an accelerated pathway to a bachelor's degree offering flexibility, convenience and little to no student debt for working adults. The program has expanded nationally to dozens of cities, uplifting underserved communities one college graduate at a time. Adrian is very proud of the impact Working Scholars is having and humbled that is was named CA Non-Profit of the Year.

Founder Selfless Mission

As a child raised in South America, Adrian saw personally how access to high-quality education helped disadvantaged people pull themselves out of poverty. Seeing other people suffer because of a lack of educational resources inspired him to work on improving the current educational system. After moving to the United States, Adrian struggled to cope with the rising cost of higher education and the dearth of effective study resources. While working as an engineer after graduating from California Polytechnic State University, Adrian saw that technology offered a low-cost solution to the problems of underfunded and overloaded educational systems and the resulting burden of student loan debt. Adrian and Ben Wilson, his co-founder, used their own money to launch in the pursuit of making quality education accessible to all.

Adrian has dedicated over a decade to making an integral part of the learning process. Regardless of one's income or social standing, everyone can use the resources on to improve their education and their quality of life., one of the most popular education websites in the world, contains animated films that bring concepts to life and offer a simple, low-cost method to raise academic performance, get college credit, and fill skill gaps in the workplace. His persistent efforts have allowed millions of students to take advantage of quality, low-cost education.

Adrian is on the Riecken Community Libraries' board of directors. Since its inception in 2000, the Riecken Foundation has worked to expand educational opportunities and literacy rates throughout Central America. Over 60 rural communities in Honduras and Guatemala now have access to books, newspapers, the Internet, and other resources thanks to the Foundation's community libraries. In his role as a member of the board for Cal Poly's Engineering & Computer Science advisory council, he has been instrumental in revamping the programme over the past four years to better equip graduates for the dynamic nature of today's technological workplace.


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