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How To Advertise On Radio?

Radio has been widely used as a popular social media platform since the late 1920s until this modern day. It can reach a large population of people in the world making radio advertisement a good choice to promote businesses to a large population of target audience.

As radio is a passive media which allows the audience to gain more information on the advertisements, it attracts the audience to the business promoted in a short period of time. Here are some guides to get started on promoting your business on a radio advertisement.

Know Your Product

First, you can start off by knowing the product that you want to promote to the target audience. As the radio advertisement is broadcasted in audio form, you must make sure the product that is being promoted is well described and it suits advertisement style.

For instances, giving a clear idea and the benefits of the product or service can allow the target audience to have a clear understanding which can attract them to the business promoted in the advertisement.

Pick A Radio Station

Then, you can start doing a research for a list of radio stations that suit your business and expectations. Later, you can review each station’s media kit by browsing their websites or even contacting their offices for more information for the radio advertisements.

Making sure that the radio advertisements offered by each radio station reaches your expectation is important which include their frequency and the time for the advertisement as you will be expecting your target audience to stay on tune as the advertisement is being broadcasted.

Create Content

There are some options provided to create the content for the radio advertisement where the chosen radio station creates the content for you, or hire a professional production company, even freelancers to create the contents. However, you must choose wisely when choosing which agency to create your content as the cost of each option can be slightly different.

If you decide to let the radio station to create the content, you must ensure that the advertisement reaches your expectation by sharing your ideas so that the radio station can create the content.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire professional production company or freelancers to create your content, make sure you are aware of the cost of each option that you chose is within your budget. These agencies will create a script, voice, music and effect for the advertisement.

Set A Budget

An ideal budget for your radio advertising should be set after reviewing different radio station’s information. You must consider the cost you tend to spend for the advertisement, including the time slots, the frequency of the radio station to run your advertisement and the placements you plan to purchase.

The cost of the advertisement are affected by the length of advertisement, location and time of the radio station. The longer the length of the advertisement, the more cost will be needed while the advertisement played in the night will cost less than those played during the rush hours.

Buy Radio Time

Finally, after all the planning and reviewing, you can contact the radio station from the list to purchase the radio time. You can reserve your spot with the radio station and sign the contract with the radio station.

Later, you can submit your finished advertisement to the radio station to be played during the time slot purchased.


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