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How To Promote New Product In Malaysia

The promise of a new innovative product is always hopeful for every brand or business, big or small, as it brings new possibilities to the future of the company, but also to the future of the customers. But we still need to have them feel excited for what is to come.

With an effective and creative promotional campaign, any company can bring in the right people to have interest into their product, but it isn’t something that is easily perfected. Crafting the right campaign push for a brand’s new product is an endeavor, but how do you even begin to promote it?

Engaging Premise

You may think that presenting your product as it has been is already enough, but it won’t always work to hook in any new customers. It may not be as poppy or attractive as you might think it would, so to fix that, a new creative way of marketing your product in an engaging and mesmerizing way can change your entire marketing game.

You can start by telling the story behind your product or your brand, like its history and how it came to be. People enjoy a good underdog story, especially seeing something rising up to fame. You can also share how other customers view and perceive your brand, sharing their experiences in how it improves their life in an extraordinary way.

Introductory Offers

Announcing a new product isn’t necessarily enough to grab people’s attention. It may seem persuasive to some but it’s not enough to drive them to purchase it immediately. An effective way to change that is by providing exclusive and limited offers the same time as when you’re announcing the new item.

Some examples of this are discounted prices, buy-one free-one deals and exclusive vouchers and coupons for other items. With the right motivation, anything can drive people to buy your product as soon as possible. This also creates more loyal customers as they would enjoy your new product and wish to buy it again or try other varieties.

Loyal Customers

Some promotional campaigns did not do well because some businesses focus too much on trying to gain new customers that they forgot to please the customers that they have. Keeping your loyal customer’s trust is important as they are the ones more likely to buy from you.

Valuing your customers by giving them exclusive perks and gifts can be a great promotional move to create a positive image for your brand. Not only will this encourage your customers to buy more, they may share and promote their favourite brand to their friends and others, thus gaining more potential loyal customers.

Email Subscription

One of the best ways to encourage loyal customers to keep being updated on new info and offers from their favourite brand is through e-mail subscriptions. They will be automated with various e-mails that describes available discounts, upcoming sales and any interesting newsletter from the brand’s website.

This channel of buyer-seller communication is a great way to introduce your new products directly to your loyal customers first before reaching to the mass public. A member discount can be used to motivate sales from them. It can also be a testing ground to see how the product would work among them and take notes on how to improve on the product’s development.

Social Media

Advertising is a big investment for many companies, especially for small local businesses as they may not have enough budget to afford a marketing team or pay for a commercial. But nowadays, there are countless outlets and platforms that enable small businesses to promote their products at zero to low cost..

The best platform today are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. As more and more people use these sites every day, this makes a great opportunity for companies and brands to spread their awareness to old and new customers, as well as the fact that these sites also provide tutorials for advertisers in terms of ad placement.

Contest & Giveaways

Often times it feels boring to see the same old promotional campaign as they are made to make people aware of their product. Though, you can have people join in the campaign in the form of contest and giveaways. This method is more fun and interactive as it brings in loyal fans as well as any other interested individuals.

Prizes can range from discounted products to free items and you can spread the word through social media, thus increasing traffic to your page as well as your home site. This can be a great opportunity for a brand to connect with their audience and create a positive vibe among fans of your product.

Celebrity Endorsement

People don’t usually remember the product that a brand would put out but they do remember faces of famous celebrities. Having a famous person to promote can be advantageous to a brand as it attracts attention to anyone who are familiar with the person.

While it does mean that you need to spend money to hire for their time and there is a risk as these celebrity’s public image will be tied to the image of your brand, it can be worthwhile as it will bring your brand and products to new potential customer’s minds easier, especially fans of them who support in what they do.

Trade Fairs

Before considering introducing your product to the public, you can start showcasing them through events like trade fairs. Trade fairs are a great place for companies of a specific industry to present their products to potential buyers and investors, meet industry partners, study rival companies and examine marketing trends and opportunities.

Through these types of events, your brand and product can get the right exposure to understand how it stands with other competitor’s products, know how others respond to it and create opportunities among industry peers. It would be a great tool to test the waters of how your product stands out before entering the public market.

Local Infomercials

Buying a new product can be challenging since they still don’t know enough about the product and thinks it won’t be worth anyone’s money and time. But if you were to display and present your product in an infomercial, this could increase your chances of your product being showed to many viewers and being ordered by interested customers.

Infomercials are a form of television programming that also serves as a commercial to a wide range of products that are mostly brand new. Local channels and programming that acts as infomercials are Wowshops and Goshops, airing every day for viewers to watch and buy by calling their number or going to their website.

Free Samples

Some consumers are still hesitant to buy a new product with the fear that it may disappoint them if they don’t like it. A great way to let them know if it suits to their taste and liking is by letting them try it for free. This also works to attract new customers to try something that they don’t normally buy.

This can work for food items by giving free samples in shops and supermarkets for people to try. It can also work for online subscriptions by giving potential customers free trials for their services in a short period of time. By giving the right amount experience to a new product or service, they can decide if they wish to purchase it for more of the same.


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