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List of Venture Capital in Malaysia

VC in Malaysia has been booming lately. There has been an increase in venture capital firms over the last couple of years. This increase has been very positive for the start-up environment in Malaysia. Venture capital has a great influence on a growing economy as well as job creation and transitioning into a knowledge-based economy. This is extremely important for Malaysia and this great environment has and will on having a great influence on the country.

There has been a growing number of venture capital firms in Malaysia which has had a very positive effect on the economy of the country. For start-ups wanting venture capital, it is important to identify at what stage they are as well as finding the right expertise and setting boundaries for the company.

Finding the Top Venture Capital Firms in Malaysia For Your Company

First and foremost, you must understand the current stage of your company. You can begin applying for venture capital once you know what stage your company is in. To ensure that you are given the opportunity to pitch your company, you must prepare an informative pitch deck.

The most interesting aspect to look for is the VC's infrastructure and "speciality," as this is what distinguishes the best from the rest. Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital, for example, have a dedicated team of marketers, recruiters, and other resources to bring into a company they invest in.

Finally, establish personal boundaries. It is critical, especially for companies founded by multiple people, that you all know what you are willing to give away. Giving away involves not only equity but also time. When a venture capitalist invests in your company, the entire working dynamic can shift as you strive to become a fast-growing company.

Idea Stage Investment

When a company is in the idea stage a company does not have any revenue yet. As the name suggests it is rather an idea than a full working company. Normally venture capitals do not invest in idea stage companies. Usually, these idea stage firms are funded by accelerator programs. These programs provide funding and guidance to idea-stage companies who still have a lot to work on.

Such companies are: Finnext, Khazanah NEO (no longer operational), 1337 Accelerator, Watchtower and friends, Sunway iLabs, Tunelabs, Hong Leong.

Very Early Stage Investment Venture Capital List Malaysia Investing Under US$1m

Early-stage start-ups are hard to define. However, there are some criteria for a business to be called earl-stage. First of all, this should be a business, unlike the idea stage companies it should have an operating business or a working prototype. Usually, early-stage companies have some beginning revenue or customers which are not yet paying.

Here are the list of company that suits this stage: NEXEA Venture Capital, TH Capital, BizAngel, Expara Ventures,Cradle Fund, Netrove Partners , TinkBig Venture, 500 Startups.

Later Stage Investment VC Funds in Malaysia Investing Above US$1m

These companies are companies that have proven there concept. In other words, they have been operating successfully. So why do these companies still require funding? These companies still require funding as they want to expand. Mostly this happens when companies want to expand abroad. They have a proven concept only not enough capital to fund a transition into a new market.

Here are the list of company that suits this stage: TH Capital, Intres (via the Axiata Digital Fund), Cradle Seed Ventures Management Pte Ltd, MavCap, Jungle Ventures, KK Fund, Sequoia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, Vertex Ventures, SoftBank Capital, IMJ Investment Partners (now Spiral Ventures), SPH Media Fund, Asia Venture Group, Incubate Fund, Rebright Partners


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