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What Is Motion Graphics Commercial?

Motion Graphics means Graphics in Movement.

Motion Graphics is about bringing the design knowledge to new mediums by adding the elements of time and space to it, basically to create movement.

Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology, but may also be displayed via manual powered technology

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is animation, but with text as a major component. Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story.

Motion graphics can be used to create ads, title sequences for movies, videos and to share information.

Websites like Biteable, Motionarray, and Ross allow users to use motion graphics templates to help communicate their message.

Works Faster And Cost-Effective

Motion graphics cut down costs considerably. It cuts out the expense of having someone to explain something that a few graphics can easily do.

However, live-action video production is quite expensive and requires a location or studio and an entire crew.

On the other hand, motion graphics can be done on a computer and take less time to complete.

Increase Brand Awareness

Since so much of the world is online, it is incredibly easy to put your product or brand in front of new customers every single day.

However, a lot of younger consumers don't want to sift through pages of information to figure out what you offer and why it could be of use to them. That's why these videos are so effective.

In just a few short seconds, you can explain who you are and what your brand can do for them.

Brand awareness is a difficult metric to crack, but it is so important for new and existing companies. By putting your brand in front of the customer in a new and exciting way, you're demonstrating that you are an exciting company.

Effective video content not only introduces your brand but can help reduce buyer's remorse and post-sale issues.

A number of companies now employ video support channels to cover the most common calls from customers.

Spices Up Boring Content

By research, the tendency for people to want to identify with your brand, and intend to purchase your product increases once people enjoy your video content.

Now a large chunk of the probability of your audience enjoying your brand rests on how the video is being done.

With motion design, there are higher chances that the audience will enjoy your content, and as such, want to identify with your brand, or intend to use your product. More of this will definitely do some good for your product UX.

For example, Nike uses motion design to describe the usually boring process of shoe production into an enjoyable story that definitely meets all brand ideas and the main message.

Why Businesses Need It

Motion design proved to be the golden mean between overproduced videos, trends, and simple static content.

If done correctly with the accurate use of visual and audio effects, it conveys your message effectively.

The more people watch, read, engage with your content, the more they trust your firm, your product, or your services.

As a result, you become an advisor people want to rely on and follow, not just a company that tries only to sell them some brand products.


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