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5 Ways Padini Advertise Their Brand?

PADINI Holdings Berhad is a garment company that is based in Malaysia established in 1975. Their well-known brands are P & Co and Vincci. Other subsidiaries under PADINI are Seed, PDI, Miki Kids, PADINI Authentic, P & Co, Tizio, and Brands Outlet.


PADINI's promotional objectives are to increase sales and increase its brand awareness. Therefore, their promotional strategy is seasonal or festive or holidays and the year-ends. PADINI uses advertising strategies to promote its products.


Online advertising is a very effective way to promote products. PADINI uses as many platforms as it can. For instance, their official website updates the latest information about the brands’ products.

All the subsidiaries are located under one website making it easier for customers to check the latest product out. The official website is also e-commerce where customers can buy directly online.

Social Media

Apart from their official website, PADINI uses social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter. Though the most platform that has the highest engaging would be Facebook than Instagram.

PADINI's Facebook account, PADINI Holdings, updates news constantly. In terms of products or an announcement. They put up short clips of their brands. For example, Miki, a brand for kid's clothing is having a concept of a Race Car Driver.

On Instagram, the same content is being posted, the only difference is that on Instagram, it's easier to spot the feed of each brand and announcements are being made in stories. Both are having a festive promotion of Hari Raya or Eid, but you could see the difference between the Seed and the PDI brands.


As effective as online advertising is, PADINI still includes traditional media to increase its brand awareness. Most of the time, PADINI's posters can be seen around malls that have their outlets or they could be uploaded on the Internet. Most of the time it would in front of their outlet. Posters that have sales or discounts would highly attract more customers than the ones that don't.

Membership Card

Customers with a membership card will have the privilege to know anything first about PADINI and have discounts if they buy from them. The membership cardholders will also receive the PADINI trend book or PADINI's magazine by having it mailed to the address stated in the customer's information twice a year.


Apart from the membership's magazine, PADINI also uses another known magazine to promote its brand. Because PADINI is a garment company and is more related towards fashion and beauty, putting it in female's magazine is a great fit.

Commercial Video

PADINI's collection videos are to show the style of the collections of the brands to the customers. The collections are usually seasonal. In previous years, PADINI Holdings created a minute video for its brands. For instance, here we have PDI Fall/Holiday 2015, SEED Spring/Summer 2015, and PADINI Authentic Fall/Winter 2015 collection video.

Now, their collections would be held as a live video on the Facebook platform. A person who is hosting the live would be showing the collections along with the price and in the caption, the official website is incorporated so those who are watching the live and is interested in one of the collections can go straight to the site and buy it online.

Generally, it is hard to see how PADINI Holdings Berhad advertises. But people still know the brand because of its promotional strategy. If there won’t be sales, discounts would do too, to attract the customers.


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