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Which Business Advertise On Waze Ads?

With the Waze app being a reliable tool in not just navigating drivers to their destination but also showing signs of upcoming traffic and presenting alternate routes, many Waze drivers have made it their daily habit to turn on the app for every time they cruise on the streets.

This in turn created an opportunity for brands and businesses to advertise their locations for any drivers passing by with the hopes that it will attract them to walk into their doors. With this chance arising in front of them, it does beg to wonder: which business would use Waze Ads and do they work?

Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are dependent on customers visiting and ordering from their stores. With Waze, they can spread their reach to any drivers passing by who wish to dine in or drive by for a quick meal on the go. They can also use Waze to understand driver behaviours so they could act on how to market effectively towards them.

In Mexico City, Burger King has worked with Waze to detect any driving users who are stuck in traffic with the aim of offering delivery of their burgers to them and uplifting their hungry selves, especially those in heavy traffic. The result was an increase in delivery sales and an increase in app downloads.

Cafes & Restaurants

While dining restaurants can still achieve moderate success through serving their local customers, it wouldn’t hurt to gain more customers. With Waze, they can expand their exposure to many drivers and users who wish to dine at places that offers a different variety of delicious and fresh meals.

With today’s people becoming more mobile-savvy by the day, the owner of Le Mesturet in Paris uses the Waze app to launch a campaign to attract new and old customers driving by. This plan was successful as it brings more numbers of diners enjoying their home-style elegant meals as well as giving valuable insight in how customers find their restaurant.

Gas Company

While gas stations are common in every area, it is still necessary for these businesses to have advertising in navigation apps. This is especially useful for drivers who are new in town or passers-by who are unfamiliar with the place. Not only are they selling fuel for automobiles, but their convenience stores and branded products as well.

This was proven helpful when Shell Helix of Mexico collaborated with Waze to form a promotional campaign so they could sell their branded motor oil. They did so by using Pins and Arrows on the Waze app that leads users that wish for an oil change to specific stores.

Coffee & Tea

There are many different kinds of beverage shops that offers many varieties of juice, coffee and tea drinks, but they can be overshadowed by other common stores and franchise brands. With Waze, theses shops will have the chance of putting their name on the map by showing their presence to nearby drivers who desire a quick drink or a change of taste.

One such tea brand that uses Waze to attract more customers is Kung Fu Tea. This US bubble tea store used Waze around the time of National Bubble Tea Day as the perfect time to create their ads to increase their brand awareness. Thanks to their campaign, their efforts had converted into sales as thirsty customers flock into their stores.

Retail Stores

Retail marketers will always think of ways to attract customers to come into their stores, be it in traditional advertisements, sales announcements or new product arrivals. Waze Ads offers these stores a new alternative to marketing that may seem unconventional but can be incredibly effective to have potential customers reaching to their location.

This was the case for Florence Hardware, a hardware store in Florence, Kentucky where they struggled competition against other major stores. To increase their brand awareness, they set up Pins and Searches in Waze for local customers to see while highlighting their products. This resulted in their store getting more recognition and an increase in sales.

Service Businesses

Through Waze Ads, service businesses like laundromats, automobile repair shops, car wash and banks get more exposure from users just by advertising themselves with the app. Not only does this benefit the businesses but also for the users that needs such services when the time arrives.

Kwik Fit, a UK-based car servicing and repair company worked together with Waze in order to expand their brand’s image through multiple media advertising such as radio channels and digital billboards. Their campaign was an achievement as engagement towards the brand skyrocketed, thanks to their creative marketing strategy.


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