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Who is Creador?

Creador is a private equity firm focused on growth capital investments in South and Southeast Asia, primarily Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.Creador is headquartered in Malaysia, with four additional offices in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.Established in 2011 by Brahmal Vasudevan, the firm has raised $2 billion of investor commitments across 5 private equity funds since inception.

What Does Creador Do?

Since its founding in 2011, Creador has introduced five funds, each of which has drawn a wide range of partners and investors, including international fund managers, private pension funds, other private equity firms, government-affiliated organisations, private wealth managers, and private individuals.

These funds have been wisely allocated to a vast array of South and Southeast Asian industries.

In order to deliver stable, sustainable profits, we invest in high-growth, scalable companies where our resources, strategic knowledge, and operational assistance can help drive transformation. All five funds have produced respectable returns for their investors and limited partners as a result.

Purpose, Mission and Vision

Creador is committed to creating superior value through sustainable investments, by integrating ESG standards across our investment process. Company believe the management of ESG risks and opportunities drive long-term value for our stakeholders.

Creador sole purpose is to create superior and to be part ofthe solution in creating meaningful and sustainable value for the firm, investors, portfolio companies and the communities we live in.

Creador mission is to build sustainable value through Environment, Social and Governance factors. Creador vision is to be a leading private equity firm in the region that multiplies good and growth

Business Approach and Value

Creador’s singular purpose is to create superior and sustainable value for our partners through the following commitments. Company are focused on the high-growth markets in South and Southeast Asia. Our deep understanding of these markets provides us with unique market insights and value creation opportunities.

Company aim to optimize “timeframe arbitrage” in our willingness to be true contrarian investors. Company make investments through market cycles with a long-term horizon.

Our philosophy is built on the foundation that the Executive Managers of the firm should be fully aligned with the long-term interests of our investors. In this regard, our leadership team is fully committed as significant investors in our fund.

Company Management team, Senior Advisors and Global Advisory Board bring in-depth knowledge of market opportunities and challenges which enable us to help our portfolio companies capture their fullest potential.

Empowering Communities

Creador Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation, established in 2018, with a presence in Malaysia and India. Company pride in being a foundation that goes beyond traditional grant-giving. company believe in empowering local communities so that they can take ownership of their own lives and become primary agents for change. With this spirit of empowerment, company able develop and run sustainable programmes that are focused on solving deep needs in communities.

Multiply meets the critical need for financial literacy in Malaysia where 33% of Malaysians think they have low financial knowledge*. Announcing the launch, Brahmal Vasudevan, CEO of Creador and Trustee of Creador Foundation said, “We believe that financial education should be accessible to all. Multiply draws on evidence-based practices to offer personal finance content that is simple, useful, extensive, and most importantly, free." Brahmal added that through Creador’s work, the team became aware of how they could use their knowledge to meaningfully help Malaysians understand their finances. Creador Foundation produces the insights shared on Multiply by working with Creador’s financial analysts and subject matter experts.

Insights are then modified for Malaysians through focus group testing. Multiply can be certain that it satisfies the requirements of Malaysian adults in this way. Multiply is created to be with Malaysians every step of the way through key life events, from starting a job to planning for a family to retirement and all in between. It also recognises that learning about personal finance might feel intimidating. Weekly content updates come in a variety of media, including videos, blogs, infographics, calculators, and more.


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