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Why Radio Ads Doesn't Work In Today?

Radio has been a good platform for people to gain information, news, enjoy music, etc. However, the younger generations in the world in these modern days prefer using other platforms other than radio such as Instagram or Twitter.

Radio is considered “old” and only the “older generations” would listen. Therefore, are radio advertisements effective enough to boost your business? Let us see!

Facebook VS Radio

Since the Facebook become popular in the internet, it has taken over a lot of other social websites in the internet community. Facebook also provide advertisement services to those business owners which is a huge competition to the radio advertisement.

As business owners can run their business by creating a Facebook Group Page where you can have followers and boost your post as advertisement, live, etc.

While some business owners have so many options provided from Facebook, others using radio advertisement need to pay a fee for the radio station to broadcast their brand to the audience. Why would business owner choose radio advertisement while they have the choice to use a low cost and simple Facebook Group Page to promote their business?

Therefore, radio advertising is not working very well in this era anymore.

Music Player VS Radio

If you click on Google Play Store or App Store to search for “music player”, there will be loads of choices provide for you to listen to music. For example, some popular applications such as Spotify or JOOX are well-known music applications for music lovers.

As radio plays music randomly, music player applications allow the users to choose their own music at their own will. Music player applications provides music with different languages all around the world.

You can find most music artists through these applications where radio might not play those music from your favorite artists.

Limited Target Audience

There will be a limitation of the target audience if the business is promoted only through radio. Imagine if your target audience does not listen to the radio when the advertisement is running, it will be difficult for you to reach to your potential customers.

Although radio advertisement can reach a high population of listeners, Google ads and other platforms can also reach a large number of users which make radio advertising less effective.

The Need For Visuals

Humans relay a lot on their sights which is why visual advertisements important to attract more customers to your company.

The lack of imagery from radio advertisement might allow your customers to use their imaginations and be creative, but it also means that your advertisement will lack the richness of graphics.

Although is undeniable that radio advertisement can be effective in certain conditions, there are a lot of other options and services provided to the market which caused radio advertisement to work less on certain conditions.

Limited Attention

When the advertisement is playing through the radio, it is hard to attract the customer’s attention to commercials as a lot of people wanted to listen to music or interesting news and stories.

Besides that, people tend to switch channels and it will cause the listener to miss some commercials that are being played. The worst one would be the distortion of the radio which happens very common in radio broadcast can cause the listener to miss the advertisement.


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