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Why Should You Create YouTube Content For Your Business?

YouTube has been a well-known platform that the users are still growing in numbers since their launch in the year of 2005. According to statistics, 74% adults use YouTube which is twice the number of people using Instagram.

Watching videos are common activity that people these days prefer in their free time. There are more than 2.3 billion active users of YouTube worldwide which made a lot of business to capture this opportunity to promote their business.

Here are reasons why you should start creating a YouTube content for your business.

Help Business Found On Google

As YouTube is linked with Google, your videos, images, news, etc can all be searched in the Google to provide information for people.

When you searched something on Google, you might notice that YouTube videos often show up first as the result from Google. This shows that Google considered videos as important than text websites.

You can create a content on YouTube to boost your business as your video will have a high possibility of being searched by your target audience from worldwide.

Grow Audience

As you might know, YouTube’s users came from different countries from all around the world. If you create a video in YouTube, you can reach worldwide audience by only speaking one language although you may have an advantage if you speak fluent English.

The English market takes about 30% of the YouTube views which can bring a huge improvement to your business if you create a great content to promote your business.

Promote Business

Videos definitely increase conversations and interactions with the audience more than text posts and other form of presentations. People tend to buy products from trusted sites so the trust relationship through the YouTube video will help a lot.

Moreover, people will share videos they find interesting to their friends, families and people around them. This can be considered promoting your business free from one person to another.

Earn Income

If your successfully create a good channel in YouTube, there might be extra income to your business. For instance, AdSense is one of the commonly used ways to earn income to the channel.

It is also simple to apply which is by signing up for a Google AdSense account and enable your video monetization feature. After this, you will start earning money from the video you upload into your YouTube channel.

Some businesses also sell their products through YouTube by putting their company or shop link in the video description. If the audiences are interested in your product, they will try to reach out to your shop or company for more information.

Build Trust

A YouTube channel can increase trust with your followers and subscribers which can be important as people only buy products from sites they trust. As video is a video presentation where people can actually see the product and maybe the presenter themselves, the “human” side of the business can be showed to the audience.

However, although everyone can create a YouTube channel, you must work hard to maintain your channel to become trustworthy to your customers. For example, you must have a routine of your video uploads such as uploading a video weekly or monthly so your customers can get the latest information and details of your company and product.


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