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5 Reasons To Use TikTok As A Marketing Tool

One of the challenges of marketing your brand is to pick a medium and make use of it entirely. Many traditional forms of marketing like billboards, radio ads and TV commercials still determine till today, but as we have reached the online age, new forms of marketing have emerged such as pop-up ads, video commercials and especially social media ads.

In the modern online age, social media has become a part of our daily life. Over 4 billion of the world’s population are using social media and the average person visits these sites for as long as 2 hours every day. For brands and companies, staying relevant is important to maintain awareness in the public’s eye and they do so by having a place in these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But in recent years, a new player comes in the form of TikTok, a video-sharing social media platform where users post short-form videos online. While it was thought to be a fad, it has surprisingly grown stronger over the years. Brands that would want to try their hands on this new opportunity would find that they are good reasons to use TikTok as the new marketing tool of today.


Available in over 200 countries and with over 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok has become the fastest growing social media site and app in recent years. With many users accessing the app multiple times a day, this can be a chance for brands to spread their name to the minds of the users.

While ads are adversely viewed by many people, especially to younger audiences, it does pose a challenge for brands to think outside the box. By understanding the platform and the people who use it daily, new and creative marketing strategies can be produced to attract many users and create new consumers.


The app’s popularity would not work if it weren’t for the people that made it popular. TikTok stars create and share various content that gets viral and garners them millions of views, thus getting them millions of followers in the app. With their influence, they have earned celebrity status in the eyes of their fans.

Collaborating with such stars would be the best way for a brand to get recognition in the TikTok scene. With the right push and influence, your brand can soar to great heights. While it may be costly and risky depending on the influencer, the trouble could be worth the while to give your brand a big boost.


One of the great features that TikTok offers is the countless types of communities being made by the users every week. Ranging from a variety of topics and trends, memes and interests, many communities are built to connect these users online so they can bond over sharing the things they love.

Joining these communities can be a goldmine for brands to spread their name. The challenge is to choose the right community so it doesn’t come off as forceful and out of place. With the right brand placed in the right community, the set up would be natural and you would be accepted easily by the users online.


Trends and challenges are not new in the online age. TikTok has an abundance of them! From dancing and food to lip syncing, TikTok stars and users love to create and be part of new trends and challenges. This can be an opportunity for a brand to join the trend and be part of the bigger online scene.

But the best way to be part of a trend is to create the trend from the start. Many TikTok users are interested and excited to join a challenge, especially when they get to show off their talents. It can also be in their favor if by participating in the challenge, they can get discounts, promotions or free products from the brand. This can give the brand a good name and create an opportunity to spread the brand’s awareness.

Affordable & Cheap Marketing

In order to make money, you have to spend money. Marketing is not without its cost and it can be very expensive. But with TikTok, you can make content to promote your brand at little to no cost. Just like any other TikTok users, all you need is a phone and the TikTok app, and you’re already on your way to post your content.

While you can spend more money to make the production quality of each video look amazing, but most, if not, all videos from TikTok are made with low quality, and that’s the appeal of the app. They would rather watch a person dancing to a song than watch a high-quality commercial. By understanding the content and the people who watches them, you will realize that you don’t need to put too much effort in every single TikTok video.

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