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5 Top Business Advices From CEOs

Business advice can be obtained from many sources. However, advice from people that have made it in the business world like CEOs is infinitely more valuable. Here are 5 Top Business Advices From CEOs.

Be Technologically Savvy

A piece of advice from Eric Anderholm, CEO of Sergeant Laboratories, is to be technologically savvy. In this age, where technology reigns supreme, it has never been more important to understand technology.

As anyone dabbling in business today, you need to understand technology as it will be involved in your business one way or another. Without this understanding, you leave yourself at the mercy of those who do as when they claim issues with technology, you have no choice but to comply due to your lack of understanding.

Being technologically savvy also helps your business in general as it allows you to be more efficient when working due to the involvement that technology has in most businesses. Being able to achieve more in less time is enough reason to invest time in becoming tech-savvy.

Ask For Feedback

A piece of business advice from Jacqueline Hinman, CEO of CH2M HILL, is to ask for feedback. Feedback is important in all avenues of life, as it allows for us to improve ourselves based on the perception of those viewing us.

This holds true in business as well. Where feedback is used to not only improve your business as a whole but also yourself where you become a better person in business.

Feedback can be hard to hear at times and for most people, it is something that they dread to ask for. However, we must do so anyway as feedback lets us understand our strengths and discover our weaknesses.

Be Consistent

A piece of advice from Mary Barra, CEO of GM, is to be consistent. In business, especially in a leading position, there are no shortcuts to earning the respect of those around you.

What relationship that you have with your business associates can only be cultivated through time, just like any other relationship. It is only when those around you see that you are consistent in your efforts to your work and values that you have succeeded in earning their respect.

Being inconsistent in your efforts towards business can only hurt you as you show that you do not always put your best foot forward and work towards your goals. Consistency starts with how you plan and not what you plan.

Be Self-Aware

A piece of advice from Bill Warren, CEO of Direct Employers Association, is to be self-aware. Self-awareness is knowing who you are as an individual and how you are seen by others.

This is foundational to your success as both a person and in all levels of business. Self-awareness is what allows you to make the right decisions by managing your own behavior and relationships to be mindful of how your decisions impact the business.

With self-awareness, you can understand your strengths and personal characteristics to better insert yourself into the working environment to perform your responsibilities. Self-aware leaders are also able to set realistic expectations for their team, fostering a better and more efficient work environment.

Explore And Take Risks

A piece of advice by Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, is to explore and take risks. When entering the business scene, especially as an entrepreneur, it is important to constantly explore new opportunities and take risks to further your business.

Those that take risks are enabled and encouraged in their innovation, which can affect the product or service that you provide and can be the difference that you need to edge out your competition. Taking risks should be calculated, however, as the cost should never be that much greater than the reward to justify it.


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