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How Fipper Became Successful

Slippers- a staple in every Malaysian household. In this article, we’ll be discussing about how one Malaysian brand revolutionised the slipper industry and expanded across the world. Here’s how Fipper became a successful brand.

What Is Fipper?

Feel the rubber! Fipper is a Malaysian brand of slippers with a unique concept: combining their innovative flip flop sandal design along with a diverse combination of eye-catching colours. Fipper slippers are made of 100% rubber which means it is free of Bisphenol-A, a compound used in many plastics that can have negative effects.

Each slipper is 1.5cm thick in order to provide your feet with comfort and to absorb shock. They are anti-slip and anti-fungal; suitable for people with sweaty feet! No longer will you feel grossed out in your own slippers. They are also environmentally friendly, easy to wash and best of all, they are affordable!

The History Of Fipper

Fipper began in 2008, when CEO Jack Lim and three of his childhood friends decided to venture into the footwear industry. The idea formed in their minds as there were not many competitors in the flip-flop market- the only brands being iPanema, Havaianas and Riders, all of which sold their products at premium prices. It was then that they saw an opportunity to venture into the affordable footwear industry. The three quickly headed to Thailand to source for materials before finally settling on 100% natural rubber.

The Expansion Of Fipper

The first few years of the business were rough as Lim and his friends were turned down by many local vendors due to the low profit margin. People were also unaware of the benefits of natural rubber footwear, and were hence unappreciative.

However, the demand for their product grew in 2009 , and Fipper managed to get their products in the Carrefour hypermarket chain. Fipper then opened its very first retail store in Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur the very next year, which is 2010. From then on, Fipper began expanding rapidly all across the country, and by 2011 they had plans to penetrate into other parts of Asia.

In 2014, Fipper opened its first store in Bali, Indonesia to keep up with the ever-expanding Southeast Asian market. Today, Fipper has over 100 retail stores across the globe in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Mauritius, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, Australia, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Japan.


Fipper began its online journey in 2017, under the website At the time, the online sales market had an unsure future, but nevertheless Fipper invested part of its efforts and resources into e-commerce to expand into online retailing.

How Fipper Advertises Themselves

Fipper has a general target demographic as they produce slippers for children, teenagers and adults. In order to advertise their products, Fipper made use of direct marketing through the campaign “Where We Meet” in which the brand set up roadshows at public places where people are most likely to be, such as malls and universities.

They also have frequent promotions such as seasonal promotions, holiday promotions, clearances and so on in order to attract more customers, as people are enticed by lower sales prices. On top of that, Fipper also advertises themselves through TV commercials, printed advertisements and online advertisements, which has successfully gained them a lot of customers.

All in all, the determination and perseverance of their founder Jack Lim combined with their efforts in expansion and smart advertising have allowed Fipper, a local Malaysian brand to flourish and expand into the global market. This is the story of Fipper and how it became a success worldwide.


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