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How Lumafusion Started?

Since its release in December 2016, when it was the first professional multitrack video editing and effects app for iOS, LumaFusion has been ported over to M1 Macs. If you're a producer, journalist, or filmmaker with a storey to tell in video form, LumaFusion is the best professional video editing and effects app for iPhones and iPads. Our video guides, free expert help, and active forum community of video newbies and veterans will help you reach "Pro" status in no time. LumaFusion, the most powerful mobile video editing tool ever made, was developed by the same people who brought you the award-winning Pinnacle Studio App. During its early access period (from now until May 15), LumaFusion can be purchased from the Galaxy Store and the Play Store for $20, down from its regular price of $30. To our knowledge, the listing has not yet appeared on either service, but it will likely do so in the near future.


LumaFusion is the most professional video editing and effects app ever made for iOS, and it was developed by the same team that brought you Pinnacle Studio for iOS. It supports multiple video and audio tracks, insert and overwrite style editing, multiple layers of real-time effects with keyframing, colour correction, multi-layer titles, live audio mixing, landscape or portrait video projects, 24, 25, 30, 50, and 60fps, and resolutions up to 8K.

LumaFusion is the long-awaited, game-changing advance in mobile journalism and editing that has been in the works for over a decade. "Editors like myself have been dreaming of having professional level editing in the field for over 20 years. Terri Morgan, Luma Touch's co-founder and principal designer, said. "You can now send off a polished project that you've edited on your iPhone or iPad, complete with graphics, colour correction, titles, effects, and mixed audio. Also, the instant feedback makes it a joy to use.

After LumaTouch 2, and LumaTouch 3, LumaFusion is the company's crown jewel. It's the culmination of three years of hard work and is a demonstration of our dedication to high-quality editing and our skill with special effects. Our team has worked tirelessly to make this editor the industry standard, and we believe we've created an outstanding final product. All of this is made possible by our Spry Engine, a robust framework for video apps on iOS and OSX. Chris Demiris, Co-Founder of Luma Touch and Primary Developer of Luma FX, has stated that "Spry is the culmination of years of iOS video application development." The Spry Engine was developed to make use of iOS's cutting-edge audio and video capabilities, and it allows users to make real-time changes to the effects.

Dominate The Mobile Video Editor Market

LumaFusion is a mobile video editing powerhouse, and it's available on iPhones and iPads. The UI/UX is clean and straightforward. LumaFusion provides a full video editing experience, from trimming footage to uploading finished projects directly to YouTube, all in a lightweight, portable package. LumaFusion is a great option for video editors looking for a lightweight and portable editing app. And it's a great option for people just starting out in video editing before diving into more complex programmes.

At first glance, it might seem like a bad idea to edit a video on a mobile device because it's likely to be too slow, too clumsy, and/or lack advanced features. Maybe so for the other dozens of video editing apps available on Apple's App Store, but LumaFusion is worth checking out.

Shortly after it won best iPad app of the year in 2021, thanks to its ability to make complex video editing easy to do using just one's fingers, LumaFusion made its Android debut on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 devices. According to Android Police, its developer, LumaTouch, promised to put it up for download on the Galaxy Store back then while also working on a release for the Chrome OS. It took some time to make that happen, but now LumaTouch is rolling out an early access version of the app to the Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Spreading the Awareness

Lumafusion Make Movies (WMM) and The Orphaned Starfish Foundation are two organisations that we've recently partnered with to make good on this promise by providing funding to establish mobile video production studios in under-resourced communities across North America's children in 2020. (OSF). In addition to the iPhones and iPads, copies of LumaFusion, and access to the Storyblocks media library that we provided as part of our initial donation, we also compensated students for creating videos that showcased what they had learned about filmmaking during the course of this school year.

LumaTouch is honored to be one of the technology partners alongside OWC and others on The eARTh Project. “This program is allowing people from any financial situation, and in any location to film, edit and share their stories,” says Terri Morgan, LumaTouch co-founder.These are communities that have never before been able to share their experience visually. The idea is to allow youth from diverse backgrounds to have access to artistic expression, technology, education, and gainful employment.

The theme of the gala this year is “You Are Not Alone.” The event will be held virtually on Friday, October 23 at 8pm EST. All of the proceeds from the gala will go towards the OSF programming. You can learn more at There are four levels of sponsorship—silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. At $50,000, diamond sponsors will have an OSF computer center named after them, in addition to other perks.


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