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How Much Does TGV Cinema Advertising Cost?

The cinema chain, formerly known as Tanjong Golden Village, known officially abbreviated and known as TGV, is one of the five largest cinema chains in Malaysia, not counting in other smaller cinema chains. It is the second largest cinema chain, just behind Golden Screen Cinema.

And like many major cinema chains, they accept advertisements from other companies as an additional source of revenue. Those advertisements are usually in video format played in a specific sequence before the start of a movie.

But the price advertisers need to pay to put their ads in TGV's halls are all not the same and varies depending on several factors such locations, length of ads, the types of theaters and number of halls a cinema branch has, the cost of putting ads can add up into thousands of ringgit. But this type of advertisement can be worth the investment for several reason.

Advantages To Putting Ads In TGV Cinemas

Even with the rise of streaming services like Netflix, cinemas is still a preferred choice for many people because it is a fun and enjoyable place to go to for entertainment and luxury with friends and family. People get to enjoy a cool space with comfortable seats and watch the latest blockbuster on a wide and large screen.

Since there are still a large audience, it makes cinemas a very good place to gain exposure through advertisements. With everyone confined in one large room and have all their attention on one large screen, they will watch the advertisements from start to finish.

With majority of the audience's attention on the screen and the advertisements, they will be informed of what advertisers want them to know such as pricings, quality, purpose and location. This is one of the greatest advantages of putting ads on the big screen; the full attention of the viewers and potential customers.

Another advantage is the ability to reach a younger audience. Young people between 16-34 are shown to made up of the majority of moviegoers and the ones more willing to consider purchasing.

Traffic and View Of The Ads

With the audience's attention on the advertisements and the information given to them, it might spark an interest in them regarding the products or services. According to statistics, 59% of audiences will recall what was shown in the advertisements while 79% of them have the intent to purchase.

This will can then lead to traffic for the businesses advertising on the cinematic screen, whether to their website, a physical store or perhaps even their social media posts. Viewers who has seen their cinema ads might be interested in further viewing of other ads of the same products or online stores to decide if they wish to purchase or not.

In Comparison To Other Ad Formats

TGV only accepts video ads with a minimum resolution of 1920 X 1080p, and up to maximum of 2K. The length of these ads are 15 seconds to 60 seconds and can come in several video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI and MPG.

Since cinema ads are essentially video ads on a large movie screen, they have the advantage of being more captivating than something like a radio or internet ad. Advertisers have a lot of creative freedom to create them in ways to engage the audience or certain demographics.

Appropriate Ads For The Right Audience

One advantage of cinema ads is that it is "brand safe". Advertisers can be aware of the movies being shown right now in the TGV's theaters right now and would want to place their ads in spots that will play the popular movies and not with something inappropriate controversial.

Generally advertisers would like to associate their ads with the latest movies that are popular right now. If the audience right now is coming to watch the new Marvel movie, then it would be appropriate to advertise Marvel-related products to them to capitalize on the occasion.

But that may not always be the case especially when advertisers are looking to promote something not entirely related to the movies. Then they would need to consider the audience and what kind of ads are attractive for them.

As mentioned earlier, the largest demographic who even comes to the cinema are aged between 16-34 and advertisers can aim their ads at certain age groups within that demographics. For example, making a go-back-to-school ad aimed at the secondary school that advertise new uniforms or perhaps an ad featuring a selection of wedding rings aimed at adults of marrying age.


As stated earlier, the cost to put an ad on TGV's cinemas can be affected by the following factors; locations, length of the ads, the type of cinema hall, whether it is a normal theater or a special one like Indulge or IMAX and the number of halls that the cinema has. With all these factors considered, the total cost of putting an ad into every hall of an entire TGV cinema would cost as low as RM 500 for an ordinary theater, such as for their branch in Mesra Mall in Terengganu, to as high as RM 3800 for their cinema over at Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway.

And that is only for ordinary theaters. If advertisers wish to put their ads in Indulge and IMAX theaters, it would cost them around RM 6000 and RM 7200 respectively.

To summarize, putting ads can be very costly but the risk is worth it with potential high conversion rate from the ads as audiences seek out the products or services from the movie ads they saw in the cinema.


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