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How To Advertise On TGV Cinema?

Cinema is a good place to spend free time with the variety of movie options provided by the cinemas and loads of different services to enjoy your day. I assume you have seen different advertisement in cinemas a few minutes before the movie starts.

As many people will choose to visit the cinema for a good movie as it is released, cinema advertising is a great way of advertising your business to the audience.

This type of advertisement cannot be skipped so the message will be delivered to the audience in a short period of time. There are some ways to start your own cinema advertisement in the TGV cinemas.


Each cinema advertisement normally lasts for 15-20 seconds while the audiences do not have the option to skip the advertisement so the audience will be able to view the entire message of the advertisement.

The environment of the cinema allows the audience to be free from distractions and interruptions where they can focus on the screens. They will watch the advertisements from the start to the end so no messages are missed.


Although cinema advertisement can bring a lot of benefits, there are still some disadvantage of it which you should consider before making a decision.

First, the price for the advertisement will be expensive as the quality of the advertisement videos are better which will need more cost to produce than the normal videos.

Moreover, as movie audiences come in different ages, genders and social classes, the target audience of your business might not be reached. When your target audience is not reached, there might not be improvement to your business using a cinema advertisement.

Target Audience

When considering a cinema advertisement in TGV Cinemas, you must identify your business’s target audience. Do take note that 70% of the cinema goers are young adults who are aged between 15-29.

If you are targeting audiences in this age, cinema advertisement will be the perfect choice to reach a wide range of audience.

As for gender, female takes about 40% while male takes 60% of the cinema goers. The gender of your target audience should also be taken into consideration as it may affect the effectiveness of your cinema advertisement.


As mentioned above, cinema advertisement can be pricey especially for some small businesses that are trying to attract customers. If you are interested in cinema advertisement in TGV Cinemas, know the cost for your advertisement is important for your business.

In Malaysia, TGV Cinema charge different fees to their cinema advertisement for each location in the country. For instance, in TGV 1st Avenue, they charge RM680/week for a 15-seconds-long advertisement while charging RM720/week for 15 seconds in TGV Gurney Paragon.

The price can differ to the locations, rental differences, viewers and many different aspects making the price changes from one place to another.


Finally, here are some tips for those who are interested to boost their business through TGV Cinemas advertisement. You must first be truthful to your business’s brand and image as you will want your target customers to remember your company by leaving your company name and logo in your advertisement.

Make sure you must compare and review the cost charged by TGV Cinema for all their cinemas and choose the correct location. You can preview TGV’s previous advertisements to determine which cinema best suit your business.


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