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List of Venture Capital in Singapore

A Venture Capital Fund, or VC, is an investment firm that invests in high-growth early-stage startups. Often, these startups are technology related. The reason for this is primarily because technology-related startups can grow fast with comparatively small amounts of investment. One or two people working in a garage can and have created multi-billion dollar technology startups within five years on tiny amounts of funding. That is much, much harder to do with a traditional business, like a bakery chain.

It can be hard to find quality information on Venture Capital in Singapore. The information that is out there is often scattered, misleading, out of date or hidden behind expensive paywalls. We are here to change that.

Finding the top Venture Capital firms in Singapore for your company

First and foremost, you must comprehend your company's current stage. Once you know what stage your company is in, you can start applying for venture capital depending on the stage needed with the calculated funds required.

Onwards, you must do research on the company that has peculiar investment interest on industry that you are operating, The reason is to find the right investor that is interested on your actual business. After you have successfully schedule a meeting with investor, you must prepare an informative business pitch.

Finally, establish personal boundaries. It is critical, especially for companies founded by multiple people, that you all know what you are willing to give away. Giving away involves not only equity but also time. When a venture capitalist invests in your company, the entire working dynamic can shift as you strive to become a fast-growing company.

Idea Stage Investment

In any case, if you’re going to need funding from outside investors (angel investors, venture capital funding, bank financing, etc.), your idea must become a viable business. This stage is all about developing and testing your idea with all the entrepreneurial tools at your disposal.

First and foremost, a successful business is a function of its market — what customers need and are willing to pay to solve the problem. As a result, there are multiple customer-focused steps you need to take to maximize your chance of success and avoid wasting your time. This includes developing your value proposition hypothesis, doing market research, product development, planning the business, and funding the business.

Such companies are: B Capital Group, Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, Rikvin Ventures.

Early Stage Investment

The common definition of an early stage company is fairly straightforward. Early stage companies have tested their prototypes, refined their service model, and written their business plan. Some early stage startups may generate revenue, but they are usually not profitable.

In other words, a startup has a newly developed business model that addresses at least one market pain point. This indicates that the company has not yet matured in the process. The company is still in phase one, or the startup phase.

In phase one, we concentrate on perfecting our products or services. This is based on the market research we conducted. We'll need funding before we can move on to the next stage of the company's growth. This is referred to as seed funding or simply seeding. The seeding process entailed obtaining the early stage venture capital required to expand your business.

Here are the list of company that suits this stage: DreamLabs, B Capital Group, Golden Gate Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures.

Later Stage Investment

Startups have already developed their core product offering as well as a target market at this stage. They have also shown some level of viability.

In reality, companies in the late growth stage have a strong market presence, well-known products, are actively seeking other startups to join their portfolio, and are either approaching or are profitable.

Series C, D, and later-lettered rounds are late-stage investments. The goal of raising late-stage funding is to compensate the company's earlier-stage investors before planning an IPO or acquisition.

Here are the list of company that suits this stage: DreamLabs, Golden Gate Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Quest Ventures.


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