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Top 10 International Schools In Johor

Schools exist to help build up children by providing education, preparing them for the future. While the draw of a local school may be enticing, consider an international school as they focus more on inquiry-based learning, which helps foster independence and independent thought. If you are interested, here are the Top 10 International Schools In Johor.

Raffles American School

Raffles American School is a boarding and day international school that offers American education for K-12 students by highly qualified international teachers. They take in students aged three to eighteen and educate them with inquiry-based learning.

The main draw of this school is the four General Learning Outcomes. These are problem-solving/thinking skills, communication skills, character/interpersonal skills, and organization/research skills.

Austin Heights Private & International Schools

Austin Heights International School offers education for the early years leading to the secondary level, which are children aged from three to sixteen years old. It was established in 2011 and is recognized as one of the leading international schools in Johor today.

The school follows mainly the Cambridge Curriculum for their students at various levels of education. This provides them with a level of education that is recognized around the world.

Seri Omega Private and International School

Seri Omega Private and International School, established in 2002, has achieved such high rates of enrolment that a new campus was planned to be built back in 2011. Today, the campus currently spans over 30 acres and comprises a wide range of facilities.

The school’s motto of "Excellence • Discipline • Integrity" has made it adhere to core values comprising of efficient school management, experienced and dedicated teaching staff, and finally, excellent school culture and discipline. For the international school, they follow the Cambridge curriculum for the IGCSE examination.

Sunway International School

Sunway International School, established in 2008 in Kuala Lumpur has had its first Johor campus built in 2017. The school has shown to be progressive seeing as most of its faculty is consisted of not only international Canadian certified teachers but also other nationalities of teachers with rich international education experience.

Sunway International School believes in giving back to society through quality education and does this through its curriculum. It is a K-12 school that delivers the Canadian curriculum for kindergarten and primary grades, and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, and Career-related Programme for secondary and pre-university levels.

Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia is a fully coeducational, independent British boarding and day school that allows admission by students aged three to eighteen. It provides education to students from the preparatory school level to the sixth form.

The school follows the British National Curriculum to prepare them for the IGCSE examinations. It is then supported by a wide range of academic extension and enrichment activities such as societies, lectures, theatre trips, museum and gallery visits, debates, poetry readings, conferences, and concerts.

Fairview International School

Fairview International School was established in 2008 and it stands today as one of the premier international schools in Malaysia that offers the whole education experience for students. It is the only IB World School in Malaysia to offer the continuum of IB programs; the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP).

Fairview aims to promote student growth through its curriculum, which offers students the chance to learn music through their “Everyone’s a Musician” program. In it, every child learns one orchestral musical instrument.

Crescendo International School

Crescendo International School aims to help students fulfill their full potential by providing an educational culture and environment that enables them to experience the joy of learning. This is their vision statement, which highlights their focus on providing quality education to students.

The school educates both primary and secondary level students in preparation for them to sit for the IGCSE examinations. They are taught in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, and Spanish.

Repton International School

Repton International School is an international school based in Johor that provides education for K-12. They provide students with a solid foundation at the early years and primary level before preparing them more thoroughly for the IGCSE examinations at the secondary level.

Repton International School cherishes close links to Repton United Kingdom and with all Repton international schools around the world. All of which embrace the same values and commitment to excellence that it has.

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens boasts a state-of-the-art campus with a wide range of facilities that can fulfill the needs of their over one hundred co-curriculum activities. They aim to provide students with the means to thrive in the current era with their method of approaching education.

The school educates students from their early years all the way to the end of their secondary years. All of which is to attain their IGCSE certifications at the end of it.

Invictus International School

Invictus International School was founded in Singapore, in 2015, and has grown to become international with schools in countries including Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, and Thailand. Soon, Malaysia would become part of that list as a campus is currently being built in Johor at this moment.

The school teaches at both a primary and secondary level, preparing students for the IGCSE examinations. It also prepares students for the Cambridge international A-levels.


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