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What Is Waze Advertising Tool?

Waze is a useful app that serves as a GPS that sends directions to the driver for their intended destination, but it is well-known for being able to give alternate routes to avoid congested traffic and arriving to their location much quicker.

With over 100 million accounts, it has become a social media of sorts for a community of drivers around the world. And with so many people using the app every day, also comes an opportunity for businesses to commercialise themselves through the app.

With this in mind, Waze provides a way for these businesses to produce advertising material for themselves with the app through Waze Ads. While this may seem promising, there are a few questions that got us curious about the app’s advertisement services.

How Much Does Waze Ads Cost?

For small businesses, they are recommended to spend from at least $2 to $168 per day. With this plan, they would have access to Waze’s online ad dashboard, billed through credit and all other ad formats. This is suitable for smaller businesses who wish to increase the rate of customers by the end of the month.

For bigger businesses like brands or agencies, spending at least $169 per day and higher would give them similar access as the small package as well as phone support, advanced targeting and billed through invoice. The chances of customers going in for these businesses are higher as they have a better reach for every Waze user in their area.

How To Use Waze To Advertise?

First, with your Waze account via G-Mail, fill in your business information, like the name, business descriptions and location. You can also preview how your ad will be displayed to other Waze users.

Next, you will need to set up your daily budget based on how much you could afford or willing to spend on, and fill in your billing info.

Finally, you’re all set to send your ad live into the Waze app, where hundreds and thousands of nearby drivers can see it through their app. The higher the budget, the further the ad would reach to potential customers.

Does Waze Ads Work?

Waze ads works by displaying an ad whenever a driver enters into an area or when they search for a particular shop or service. Generally, the higher you pay for your ad to be shown, the better the chances that it would pop up when the opportunity arises.

There are 4 types of ads that appears on Waze. Branded Pins are pins that show up in your map whenever you are driving in the near of the advertiser’s area. Arrows are another type of ad where they indicate a certain business nearby your area. You can get these types of ads at a low cost of $2 per day.

Next is the Zero-Speed Takeover where they display your ad as a billboard in your map when drivers are stopping by a traffic light or a sign, and provides alternate routes if you choose to go there. Finally, there’s the Promoted Search where a business appear at the top of the search results whenever users are looking for a particular type of shop or service. These ad features are available from at least $30 per day

Which Business Uses Waze Ads?

Since Waze is a GPS app that shows the best routes to avoid traffic and speed cameras, it is mostly used by drivers. Businesses that use Waze and would benefit from them would be location-based businesses, like gas stations, coffee shops, banks and grocery stores. These are often useful for drivers that wish for their services on the go.

Other types of businesses that have gotten their name in the map thanks to Waze are such like hardware stores, car repair shops, laundromats and home goods stores. These are mostly from users searching for these types of shops and services when they need them.


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