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5 Outdated Email Marketing You Shouldn’t Use Now

Email marketing has evolved throughout the years. It would have had to, given that it still stays as one of the most relevant digital marketing options available. Things have changed since then and here are 5 Outdated Email Marketing You Shouldn’t Use Now.

Overly Promotional Emails

Gone are the days of aggressively marketing yourself to everyone that you can find. Nowadays, marketing is more subtle, providing content that entertains and leaves a good image on the consumer rather than just ‘buy, buy, buy'.

Emails that forget the customer and come off as a sales pitch will most likely be ignored by receivers as they get a negative first impression, making it likely that they will not open any more emails from you in the future. That is assuming the email makes it into the inbox in the first place as emails today have an effective spam filter.

This is what gets rid of the emails that have overly promotional language. Having your emails be delegated automatically to the spam folder will not help your chances at marketing.

Not Optimizing For Mobile

Mobile devices may not have been as mainstream back in the day when they were first being popularized. Today, however, that is not the case anymore as mobile phones have become the most used medium of accessing the internet.

By clinging to the past and not optimizing for mobile, you lose out on a lot of traffic and exposure that your email marketing could have gotten you by virtue of people not being able to open your emails as intended. This is as the formatting for an email to be opened on PC and mobile is different and thus, what renders properly on PC may not for mobile.

Purchasing An Email List

Purchasing an email list of prospects may seem appealing at first due to it allowing for easy access to potential customers. When more thought has been put into it, however, it would be a huge mistake to even consider.

Those on the email list are not guaranteed to be receptive to your emails. This can be for various reasons, be it them not liking your content or not being interested in your type of product.

Not only would a loss in traffic be devastating, but they might also even mark your emails as spam. This can hurt the name of your brand and decrease your prospects as a result.

Sending Emails Too Often

Emailing your readers too often is like sending excessive texts, annoying. No one would like to be bombarded with emails after subscribing to your email list and doing so is a quick way to turn someone off from your business.

By planning out a schedule for your emails to be sent periodically, you can show your readers commitment and provide them content while at the same time not seeming needy with your emails. This is of course the follow-up to your already sent welcome email the moment that they sign up.

By sending a welcome email, you can give the impression that you are attentive and care about your customers. First impressions are important in business, and this is no different in email marketing.

Manual Emailing

With technology as advanced as it is today, programs have been made to ease the burden of people. This is also true for email marketing as there are ways to automate emails nowadays.

Manual emailing is a thing of the past as it is unsustainable with the number of people that can subscribe to your mailing list due to the wide reach that the internet provides. The cost of labor for manual emailing today must be astronomical, thus making it unviable for businesses.


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