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5 Reasons Why Apple’s Marketing Strategy Works

Apple has come so far from being a company that started in a garage to now being one of the leading global brands, so famous that it is a household name. Apple products are available everywhere in the world, and they are also always in high demand. What sets Apple apart from other brands, what makes consumers return to Apple over and over again?

The answer is simple: Apple’s marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why Apple’s marketing strategy works.

Simple Is The Most Memorable

While all other brands focus on making innovative ads in the hopes of capturing the attention of their audiences, Apple just decides to keep things simple. Yes, they do make innovative ads, but these ads are simple too.

And in a long range of complicated, slightly unsophiscated ads, Apple’s ads stand out and remain in the limelight because they are straightforward, simple and honest.

Speak The Language Of The Masses

Another reason why Apple’s marketing strategy succeeds is because they speak the language of the masses, who are, after all, their primary customers. They do not give out facts and details that are likely to confuse an already confused tech-consumer. What do they highlight then?

Apple highlights features and details that is common knowledge, and more likely to be passed around through word of mouth. Features such as camera pixels, screen size and resolution, storage space and so on are highlighted, since that is the language that consumers really understand and are drawn towards.

Strike Out Competition By Not Competing

While all other brands are engaged in the battle of beating each other through piling on features, reducing or increasing price and costs, Apple just focuses on one aspect: keeping its ads simple, and not at all competitive by nature.

No Apple product is ever promoted as being ‘cheaper than’ or ‘pricier than’ or something along those lines, what Apple does promote its products as is as being ‘innovative’, ‘new’ and ‘classy’. Thus, by not running the same race that all their competitors are running, Apple is already winning the race.

Not Just An Apple Product, But An Apple Experience

It is rare that an Apple product is marketed as just a new product. It is always marketed as the Newest experience, or a brand-new experience that is exclusive to only those who have the new Apple product, and thus connects all those people together.

Often the appeal of such a marketing campaign draws more and more people towards the product and the brand, owing to the curiosity and the desire to be part of it. Events such as Apple’s exhibition each year and their extensive marketing campaigns for each new release make the image of owning an Apple product much more thrilling.

Ads That Speak To Emotions More Than Profits

While Apple’s ads are simple, they are also known for leaving an impression because they speak to the emotions of their audiences rather than just market the technical details and profits and gains of owning that product.

Usually, Apple’s ads appeal to emotions such as happiness and deriving pleasure and enjoying oneself, which attracts a lot of people to actually view theirs ads, regardless of what platforms these ads are on.

Apple is ever-growing, and its consumer base only increases every single day. With an effective marketing strategy that is fail-proof, Apple is bound to be succeeding over and over again, no matter what, thus becoming a valuable source of inspiration to businesses that are starting out with marketing their products.


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