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Why Is McDonald’s Successful?

What was once a small restaurant run by 2 brothers has now become the giant fast-food phenomenon known worldwide as McDonald’s. With the help of businessman Ray Kroc, he envisioned the restaurant to grow even further through franchising their brand, name and food across the nation and eventually all over the globe.

With over 38,000 stores in over 120 countries, McDonald’s is constantly serving 70 million customers each day with their signature burgers, fries and other flavourful treats and snacks. While many fast-food restaurants are competing against one another, McDonald’s still comes out as top. So, why is it so successful among other fast-food brands around the world?


McDonald’s strategy to becoming a worldwide-level famous fast-food joint starts by franchising off their brand to multiple locations and countries all over the globe. This gives franchisees the control to build their business by selling McDonald’s branded meals to their local people and in turn, increasing profits for themselves and the company.

This also enables the brand to spread their awareness across new locations so they could spin off new stores as their brand becomes more familiar and popular among the local populace. While the downside is that they would lose control over every franchised store, this would still give their brand the global push that they needed.


McDonald's has also proven to be force in the advertising game. From newspapers to billboards to television to social media, McDonald’s has always adapted well to the times, making sure that their brand is forever reminded in consumer’s minds. They’ve also done sponsorships for various sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Most of their advertisements are primarily video ads for television and YouTube. This doesn’t just make us aware of their brands, but it also displays their food products or new menu items in a delectable and enticing manner, thus making us feel motivated to eat their food even when we are already familiar with the brand already.

Quality Service

When it comes to service, McDonald’s prioritize it to the fullest to give customers the best experience that can have every time they step into their door. Their fast foods are simple and easy to serve and it fits any type of customers alike. Be it families who loves dining in to enjoy their time together or drivers who wishes for a quick meal before they get to work.

They also offer delivery via phone or online to those who don’t want to step outside as well as planting touch-screen kiosk in their stores that allow customers the option to take their time with their order without the inconvenience of going to a counter. McDonald’s continues to step up their game by creating more ways to bring maximum comfort to their customers, making them motivated to order from them again.


If you’ve ever visited a McDonald’s store in a foreign country, you may find the menu to be different than what you’ve grown up with. No store is the same around the world as McDonald’s adapts their classic menu to fit with the taste of each country’s hungry patrons. Some differences are based on taste, size, portions and variety of choices.

This also allows McDonald’s to make new and creative meals based on local foods and flavors, giving their classic menu items a fresh spin. Some examples include Thailand’s Samurai Pork Burger, Korean’s Shrimp Burger and Hong Kong’s Prosperity Burger.

Knowing Their Audience

Fast food is not everyone’s cup of tea as some may prefer to eat home cooked meals or a healthier alternative, but their success is not because they can attract everyone to flock into their stores. it is knowing which kind of people would want to eat their food.

McDonald’s main demographics are usually families, especially ones with children. They entice them by having them dine in together as well as gifting toys via the Happy Meal option. They also know that some people only wish for a quick snack without buying a large set of food, thus offering the Mix & Match menu at a price as low as RM6.

Customer First

Even after knowing your audience, McDonald’s still has to work harder to make sure that they don’t lose them. Knowing what your customer wants or need in their fast-food is key to provide the best experience they could get. This was shown when they created the drive-thru to initially serve military officers who aren’t allowed to get out of their cars while in their uniforms.

After getting criticisms for serving unhealthy food, they eventually introduce healthier options like salads, fish and fruit smoothies. Another instance of understanding your customers is when McDonald’s Canada finally decided to serve breakfast all day, all week after many fans demanded for it. They heard, so they delivered.


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