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5 Reasons Why Carousel Marketing Works

Carousel Ads are a new innovative form of marketing on social media platforms that are known to be more interactive and gain more engagement from the users. Carousel Ads allows users to swipe on a carousel, or a series of images that are advertisements of different types and browse products to their heart’s desire. For advertisers, carousel advertising is a moneymaking new arena to try their hands in and to bring attention to their products and business. Here are 5 reasons why Carousel Marketing works.

If you’re scrolling, why not look at a carousel?

One of the major ideologies behind this innovative advertising arena is based on how the user-interface of most social media platforms is like. Browsing through social media is a common user-interface feature, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The Carousel too works on the basis of this scrolling feature.

However, while a user scrolls vertically through their news feeds, they will have to swipe/scroll horizontally to navigate with a carousel. However, since this still counts as scrolling, more users are liable to actually pay attention to the carousel ad as compared to click and re-direct to another site ad.

There’s One, There’s Two, There’s So Many Shoes!

Another way the Carousel Ads trump traditional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads is because of the fact that PPC ads are capable of advertising only one product per ad. This means that if the user is not interested that particular product, they might as well decide not to give the business a chance, which is a waste of advertising.

Carousel Ads on the other hand with their multiple swipes can accommodate up to 10 products at the same time (currently, this number is set to 10, which may very well increase in the future). This means that the user gets to look at multiple products from this business, and the chances of them actually clicking on to the business’s website are higher, since there are a lot of choices even at the first glance, because of the carousel ad.

No Limitations On How Much Information An Ad Can Hold

Unlike traditional PPC ads that are limited to a degree by the space available in which the ad can be showcased, with its texts and images, Carousel ads have no such limitations imposed on them. Since there are multiple images that advertise a product in a carousel ad, the advertiser can choose to promote a product with ample amount of detail.

There is no concern of running out of space, or not conveying the most important information about the product through a carousel.

The Jack Of All Trades

Another way the carousel ad stands out from a traditional ad is that it can incorporate a PPC ad within the carousel ad as well! You read that right, your carousel ad can be both a carousel and a PPC ad enclosed within the carousel.

With many advertisers choosing to link their website hyperlinks to the product carousel ads on Facebook, and Instagram’s ‘tap-to-shop’ feature which displays pricing of the product upon tapping the post, Carousels are one of the best kind of ads you can think of using to promote your products and business.

Aside from this, since carousel ads allow for multiple products to be promoted on each different swipe slide, you can add different PPC ads for each swipe slide.

Dimensions Matter

Another reasons why carousel ads are gaining popularity as a method of advertising is because they allow for the promotion of images of various sizes. While you can stick to the basic, familiar square dimensions of a post to advertise with a carousel, you can also promote images that are slightly bigger, say of panoramic sizes, since carousel allows the user to swipe through and see the picture to a point of continuity.

Other than this, carousel ads can also host videos as advertisements.


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