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5 Reasons Why Coca Cola’s Marketing Strategy Works

One of the strongest players in the field of sodas and drinks, Coca Cola is a household name today. Popular equally amongst the youth and middle-age brackets, the famous drink brand has sales in more than 200 countries across the globe. Here are 5 reasons why Coca Cola’s marketing strategy works.

Familiar Packaging

For the continued popularity of a brand name, consistency in packaging is a must, in order for the consumers to be able to recognize the product as quickly as possible and buy it for themselves.

Coca Cola has had the same imaging, color palette and taste for many years and that makes it a very familiar face. With simple packaging, Coca Cola’s products are a market favourite.

It’s Always Great To Keep It Personal

One of Coca Cola’s most loved marketing tactics has been to personalize and individualize its products. This means that its drinks are flavored according to the location of the store, meaning that each country has its own variety of Coca Cola which isn’t available elsewhere in the world.

This kind of a tactic helps in encouraging customer loyalty and repeating customers.

Digitalizing Cola

Social media is one of the most popular platforms today to advertise and sell one’s products on. Coca Cola too has made extensive use of this field that is ripe for the taking.

Another added advantage of this move has been increased reach of the brand to the youth, who make up the majority of social media users.

It’s Not A Drink, It’s An Experience

Coca Cola’s motto is that they sell ‘happiness’ in a bottle. Their drinks aren’t just drinks, rather they are emotions and feelings, which have a greater appeal to their consumers. Another marketing tactic that Coca Cola used was a new packaging campaign where they individualized 2 million bottle designs, previous to which they had rolled out 250 bottle labels with people’s first names on them.

Just the curiosity and intrigue created by such marketing campaigns draws in a lot of business for the company.

A Consumer Favourite For A Reason

Another reason Coca Cola’ defensive marketing strategy works is because they have been consistently been a consumer favourite.

This is because of their simple advertisements that focus on emotions and appeal to building relationships with their consumers rather than a monotonous product-driven advertisement, as well as their consistent packaging and affordable pricing.


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