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5 Reasons Why KFC’s Marketing Strategy Works

Say ‘Fried Chicken’ to anyone, and the first name that would pop into their mind would be KFC. KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, has become a household name today worldwide, popular for its fried chicken and other food items on its menu such as nuggets and many localised options in various parts of the world. Here are 5 reasons why KFC’s marketing strategy works.

Being Vocal For Local

One of the major aspects of KFC’s marketing strategy is to localise their menu based on the country that particular brand is located. This has led to fierce competition with other fast food brands such as McDonald’s, Dominos and Subway.

However, localising of the menu not only leads to higher sales as it caters to the local tastes and preferences but also leads to the creation of loyal customer base.

Franchise Marketing

Almost every city and suburban area has a branch outlet of KFC. This is franchise marketing which involves the establishment of various branches of a franchise over the world in various countries, cities and suburbs.

With increased number of branches around the world and localization to fit local tastes, franchise marketing is one of the strongest marketing strategies companies like KFC can use.

Partnering With Food Delivery Services

With the growth of food delivery service platforms such as FoodPanda, Grab, Zomato, Waze and so on, the tactics that food-based businesses can use to increase sales are numerous. Most of these businesses now collaborate and partner up with these food delivery service platforms to conduct their business online.

KFC too partnered up with these platforms and offers deals and discounts exclusively for customers who order through these apps. The appeal of these deals invites more customers to order from them.

Memorable Advertising

KFC’s advertising techniques involves innovation and usage of concepts that are memorable and sure to hold the attention of customers. For example, KFC’s ads featuring a female Colonel and a RoboCop Colonel generated a lot of buzz and business for the fast-food franchise.

These advertisements become tremendously popular, and thus draw in audiences to keep coming back to KFC.

Using The Power Of The Masses

KFC is now using crowdfunding as well as surveys from its consumers as its marketing tactic. KFC’s crowdfunding campaign for its ‘Kentucky Fried Hot Tub’ generated a lot of buzz for not only being an out-of-the-world concept but also being innovative with their advertising.


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