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5 Reasons Why Pepsi’s Marketing Strategy Works

Who hasn’t heard of, or consumed, a product by PepsiCo today? Practically no one, that is how large the reach of PepsiCo’s brand image is. Pepsi functions under PepsiCo and is the company most famous for manufacturing drinks and snack-based foods. What made Pepsi so popular? It’s marketing strategy! Here are 5 reasons why Pepsi’s marketing strategy works.

Appeal To The Youth

Pepsi’s primary target audience has always been the youth, aged anywhere between 13 and 35 years of age. Owing to this fact, a lot of their product design and commercials are youth-centred and less and less traditional as compared to other beverage and food brands.

With innovative ads that appeal to the vibe and trends popular amongst the youth, Pepsi keeps their consumers coming back to them.

Celebrity Endorsements And Sponsorships Work- Only When They Appeal To Your Intended Audience

A lot of brands recklessly invest in celebrity endorsements for their products as well as pursue sponsorships that produce little to no change their business patterns and returns. This is because more often than not, the celebrity who endorses the product, or the sponsorship that endorses the product is something that is not appealing to the target audience.

Pepsi however has always changed its celebrity endorsements and sponsorship deals based on the trends and patterns observable amongst its audience. This includes having celebrity endorsements from celebrities from immensely popular shows/films in that time, as well as pursuing sponsorships that will spread information about Pepsi amongst their audience.

Digital Marketing

With the economy and society becoming increasingly digitized today, digital marketing is an avenue that you should very seriously consider for promoting your brand.

Pepsi too has many ads created solely for the purpose of digital marketing through social media platforms using creators and influencers who are very popular on such platforms. They had a 20-minute ad ‘Bring Home Happiness’ that was so popular that it was watched about more than a billion times.

Innovation And Uniqueness

Innovation and being unique is very important to differentiate one’s business from all other competitors. Pepsi caters to this aspect by creating unique product packaging, trendy commercials and marketing campaigns as well as hiring celebrities who will be sure to grab the audience’s attention.

Sponsorship Matters

For a brand like Pepsi, sponsorship and partnerships make a lot of difference, especially since they increase the length of reach by a big bracket. For example, Pepsi’s partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2015 made them very popular as few of their competitors were investing in sports associations then.

Ever since, Pepsi has had continued partnerships with sports associations.


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