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5 Reasons Why Samsung’s Marketing Strategy Works

Starting out aa a lowly technological company in the 1990s, today Samsung is a global ambassador of technological advancement, and is at the forefront of all innovations and technological advancements, famous enough that the world’s most popular band BTS is now their global brand ambassador! What grew Samsung to this level of success? Here are 5 reasons why you should be deriving inspiration from Samsung’s marketing strategy.

Affordability Of Pricing

One of the main things that makes Samsung such an audience favourite is the fact that they have products in almost every cost bracket. Their products are for everyone and are surprisingly affordable even with the latest features and specs loaded into them!

This affordability draws in many customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Ads That Are Innovative And Memorable

While Samsung, like almost every other major brand out there, employs the use of celebrity status and fame to draw attention to its products, what makes their ads memorable is how innovative and emotionally striking they are.

They aim to strike a chord with their audiences and viewers, and in doing so, expand their customer base.

Calling Out Competitors

Unlike Apple, who in their minimalistic marketing techniques believe in not paying any special homage to their competition, Samsung is outright bold and daring enough to call out their competitors and take shots at them through marketing campaigns and ads.

This outright competition is shocking enough to make more and more people curious, and thus successfully grab their attention.

Content And Form Of Ads

What sets Samsung’s ads a whole class apart is the content they explore and the form they do so in. When in print, Samsung’s ads are bold, with big fonts and lots of vibrant colours and catchy taglines.

In digital marketing, such as TV ads and so on, their ads are more and more attuned to everyday lives of common people and how they use Samsung products every day, thus appealing more to the common man.

Watch, And Learn

Another reason why Samsung’s ads are successful is because they pay attention to trends in the world, what people are sharing with each other and use data from social media usage and so on to accordingly come up with a new marketing campaign for their products.

Thus, they make ads that are not only socially and chronologically relevant, but also take into account the demands of the consumers and accommodate it, thus making them popular.

By working purely for their customers, and restoring their faith in them over time, Samsung has emerged as one of the strongest technological giants globally. With a marketing strategy that is as brilliant as Samsung’s current marketing strategy, it is quite easy to drive your company towards the door of success.


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